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  • Gay-Marriage Proponents Keep Win Streak as Appeals Loom

    A judge’s decision throwing out Virginia’s ban on gay marriage as a violation of the U.S. Constitution extends to seven the win streak for proponents of same-sex unions racing to get back to the U.S. Supreme Court.

  • Christie Dodging Jersey Traffic Jam on Republican Road

    If Chris Christie is seen as a presidential contender, the eyes of Texas couldn’t find him.

  • Super-PAC Targets Religious Voters on Abortion in 2014

    New York hedge-fund manager Sean Fieler is financing a new political group bent on coaxing religiously-minded voters who oppose abortion rights and gay marriage back into politics.

  • Barbour Predicts Republicans Will Avoid Debt Cap Fight

    Former Republican National Committee Chairman Haley Barbour predicted House Republicans this year would avoid repeating a standoff over the federal debt limit because it was too politically damaging last time.

  • Podesta Says Christie Revelation May Kill His Candidacy

    A senior adviser to President Barack Obama said allegations that Governor Chris Christie knew about lane closures on the George Washington Bridge may be “a killer” to the New Jersey Republican’s presidential ambitions.

  • Christie Gets Republican Support Without 2016 Commitments

    Oklahoma party chairman Dave Weston spoke for many at a gathering of the Republican National Committee in Washington when he called the probe of Chris Christie’s role in politically motivated traffic jams on the George Washington Bridge a media witch hunt.

  • Cruz Virginia Trip Raises Cuccinelli Risk in Governor Bid

    The partial federal government shutdown is throwing a fresh risk factor into the Virginia governor’s race, putting Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli on the defensive as the contest enters its final month.

  • Virginia Republicans Organizing to Blunt Tea Party Power

    A group of Virginia Republicans, stung by the loss of the governorship after voters this month rejected Attorney General and Tea Party leader Ken Cuccinelli, are readying what would be one of the toughest intra-party revolts yet against the anti-tax movement.

  • Obama's Health-Care Law Challenged by Cuccinelli Channeling Patrick Henry

    Ken Cuccinelli , the Virginia attorney general who brought the first successful legal challenge to President Barack Obama ’s health-care law, displays his political lineage on his Christmas card.

  • Chris Christie Is Showing Conservatives How to Win

    If you were trying to predict the future four years ago, you might have expected Republicans to be in better shape in Virginia than New Jersey. Republicans romped in the election for governor in the first state, while winning more narrowly in the second. New Jersey is also much more Democratic than Virginia: It went for President Barack Obama by a bigger margin than any other state with a Republican governor.

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