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  • Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Hits Snag After Losing Local Vote

    Enbridge Inc.’s Northern Gateway, a pipeline proposed to link rising Canadian oil production with Asian markets, hit another snag after residents in the port of Kitimat voted against the $5.9 billion project.

  • PG&E Expects Criminal Charges Against Utility Unit

    PG&E Corp., owner of California’s largest utility, said it expects to face criminal charges for the 2010 explosion of one of its natural gas pipelines that killed eight people in San Bruno, California.

  • EPA Worries Dilbit Pipeline Spill Still Threatens Kalamazoo River

    Enbridge needs to dredge accumulating oil from 100 acres of the river’s bottom, EPA says. The work could take up to a year and cost tens of millions more.

  • How a CEO Reacts When Robert Redford Pegs Him a Villain

    So there is Russ Girling, TransCanada Corp.’s chief executive officer, tubing giddily through a meandering oil pipeline, crude oil streaking his face, cackling about how a “little old-fashioned lying” got a gullible American public to buy into his Keystone XL pipeline.

  • Enbridge Michigan Line Stays Shut as Oil Spill Spreads to Kalamazoo River

    Enbridge Energy Partners LP , the Houston-based pipeline company, has crews working to clean up an oil spill from a pipeline in southern Michigan that spread from a creek to the Kalamazoo River, affecting birds and fish.

  • Keystone XL Won’t Worsen Climate Change, U.S. Says

    The proposed Keystone XL pipeline cleared a key hurdle today with a government study that found its impact on the climate would be minimal, which supporters said meets President Barack Obama’s test for allowing the project to be built.

  • 'Keystone Kops' Bungling Led to Costliest U.S. Pipeline Spill

    The following is an excerpt from “The Dilbit Disaster: Inside the Biggest Oil Spill You've Never Heard of,” a seven-month investigation by InsideClimate News, a non-profit news organization focused on climate change and energy issues. To see a slideshow about the 2010 Enbridge oil spill, click here.

  • Disappearing Dilbit: How Much Oil Was Released in 2010 Pipeline Spill?

    InsideClimateNews.org — A key piece of data related to the biggest tar sands oil spill in U.S. history has disappeared from the Environmental Protection Agency's website, adding to confusion about the size of the spill and possibly reducing the fine that the company responsible for the accident would be required to pay.

  • Arkansas Oil Spill Drives Families From New Homes

    InsideClimateNews.org — It has been more than a month now, and Amber Bartlett has had enough of hotels and apartments and trailer homes. Of crowded rooms whose thin walls amplify the bickering of her four children. Of piles of toys and clothes overflowing from drawers and suitcases. Of not knowing, day to day, where her life is headed.

  • Enbridge Says No Oil Remains in Michigan River Following Pipeline Rupture

    MARSHALL, Mich., Aug. 2 (UPI) -- No oil remains in the Kalamazoo River more than one week after one of the world's longest oil pipelines burst in southern Michigan, an energy company said. A 30-inch-diameter oil pipeline ruptured July 26, sending oil into nearby Talmadge Creek and the Kalamazoo River. Enbridge Energy Partners, the Canadian company that operates the pipeline on the Lakehead system, said in a statement that "no oil remains" in the Kalamazoo River and "sheen only remains upstream of Battle Creek." The company said they didn't know what caused the rupture or exactly how much oil was released into waterways in southern Michigan. Preliminary estimates said more than 20,000 barrels of oil spilled, though Enbridge said that roughly "10,000 barrels of oil have been removed from the waterways." Regional officials with the U.S. Environmental Protection

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