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Prior to founding Kaenon Polarized, Darren Rosenberg was a litigation attorney for nearly 7 years. During the time he practiced law, Darren continued to sail competitively and surf frequently. It wasn’t long before Darren realized his calling wasn’t law, so began his search for a different career path, one that would merge his personal interest in outdoor sports with his professional goals. Meanwhile, Darren’s brother, Steve, was enjoying success at Oakley as a sports marketer and helping them to grow in a variety of ways. Steve started thinking about how to improve eyewear beyond what was being considered at his former employer – particularly polarized sunglasses which were such an important piece of equipment for competitive sailors like himself and his brother. It was only a matter of time before Darren and Steve began sharing future entrepreneurial concepts. They quickly found a common gravity forming around the concept that became Kaenon Polarized. In 2001, the Rosenbergs’ dream was realized in Kaenon Polarized – a premium sunglass brand featuring superior technology in polarized lenses. Kaenon was born from intense passion and a clear desire to never compromise: SR-91,® the world’s first non-compromising polarized lens, became a reality because they made the commitment to stay true to their values and to make possible what others said was impossible. But that was just the beginning. After experiencing the superior clarity of SR-91 lenses, Darren and Steve knew they had to introduce industry-altering SR-91 polarized corrective lenses so everyone could enjoy its benefits. So they pioneered cutting-edge, computer-aided lens processing techniques and production methods which were years ahead of the larger industry players. Today, all of Kaenon’s eyewear products are produced to rigorous quality control specifications, supported by excellent customer service, and promptly delivered. All this to ensure a better experience with Kaenon than with any other brand.


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