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  • Most Read on Bloomberg: Storm, Asian Funds, Traders, Chat Rooms

    The following list comprises the most-read Bloomberg News reports from the past week.

  • Swiss Come to Their Senses on Soak-the-Rich Vote

    Some of my best friends are very rich -- people with condos on Central Park West and tastefully refurbished palazzi in Italy. The puzzle: Why do so many of them vote Democratic or praise the high-taxing European welfare state?

  • Merkel NSA Anger Won’t Harm U.S. Ties, Joffe Says

    Germany’s trade and investment ties with the U.S. won’t be damaged by German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s condemnation of American surveillance programs, said Josef Joffe, editor and publisher of Die Zeit newspaper.

  • Merkel NSA Anger Won’t Harm U.S. Trade Ties, Joffe Says

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s condemnations of U.S. surveillance programs won’t damage strong trade and investment ties between the two countries, said Josef Joffe, editor and publisher of Germany’s Die Zeit newspaper.

  • Germany Reformed Its Social Model. Europe Can, Too

    Forget Europe’s debt disaster for a moment and look instead at a few numbers that dramatize the underlying problem.

  • Taliban, Al-Qaeda Awaiting U.S. Afghanistan Exit

    The multipronged attack carried out by a Taliban faction in Afghanistan last weekend, including sustained raids in the capital’s diplomatic quarter and on Parliament, was meant, the New York Times reported, to “undermine confidence in NATO and Afghan military gains.”

  • To Thrive, Euro Countries Must Cut Welfare State

    Most criticism of government profligacy in Europe lately has focused on the obvious sinners, such as Greece, which already had massive public debts and deficits when the global financial crisis struck almost four years ago.

  • Tax System Is America’s Biggest Spender

    If you’re at all like us, chances are you’ll spend Tuesday evening finishing your taxes. As you search for every last deduction and credit, it’s worth asking: Does any of this make sense?

  • Spain’s Wilting Economy Still Held in Franco’s Grip

    Spain’s economic woes are triggering renewed fears over a potential default in the euro area, and much of the blame belongs to labor laws that date back to the dictatorship of General Francisco Franco. Unless the government succeeds in changing them, it’s hard to see the country returning to healthy growth even if it manages to stay solvent.

  • Sacramento Is Fresh Victim of Bad Stadium Deals

    Officials in Sacramento, California, are furious that the owners of the Kings basketball franchise, the Maloof family, said they are backing out of a handshake deal in February to invest $73 million in a project to build a new arena downtown.

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