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  • Billionaire Musk Gets Brownsville to Pay for SpaceX

    In a glass-walled conference room at the California headquarters of Space Exploration Technologies Corp., Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk told Texas officials he was interested in building the world’s first commercial rocket launchpad in their state -- if the state could compete.

  • NASA May Enlist Astronauts, Celebrities to Entertain Trapped Chile Miners

    The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration may help organize astronauts and celebrities to entertain 33 miners trapped in a mine in Chile during a rescue that may take as much as four months.

  • Jacobs Engineering Beats Lockheed for $1.9 Billion NASA Contract

    Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. beat Lockheed Martin Corp. to retain its biggest U.S. government contract, an agreement with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration valued at as much as $1.93 billion.

  • On Ice And in Space, Lessons to Keep Chilean Miners Safe, Sane for Rescue

    By David A. Fahrenthold and Marc Kaufman Sept. 1 (Washington Post) -- The lessons that could help keep 33 trapped Chilean miners safe and sane during their months underground were learned at desperate times in isolated places: ice-bound sailing ships, prisoner-of-war camps, malfunctioning capsules whizzing through space. They include: Don't over-promise. Keep track of night and day - even if you can't see daylight. Encourage friendships - but watch out for cliques. Let everybody have privacy - but don't let anybody become a loner. And remember the keys to survival in what psychologists call "extreme environments": Entertainment. Structure. Hope. "I'm not a 'Lord of the Flies' guy. I'm very optimistic this group will be able to stay stable for a long time," said Col. Thomas A. Kolditz, who heads the department of behavioral sciences and leadership at the U.S. Military Academy.

  • Warren Winning Means No Sale If You Can’t Explain It

  • NASA Tests Astronaut-Escape System for Spacecraft Scrapped in Obama Budget

    NASA today tested a new way for astronauts to escape during an emergency on the launch pad or liftoff, even though the spacecraft intended to use the system may never carry humans into orbit.

  • Astronauts Grapple With Zero-Gravity Toilets, Nosy Questions

    It sounds like the set-up for a new reality TV show -- or the beginning of a bad joke. What happens when you put five Russians, a Canadian woman and a Japanese man in isolation in a mock space station for three months?

  • SpaceX Ship Grabbed by Station’s Robotic Arm in Docking Prelude

    Space Exploration Technologies Corp.’s supply ship was grabbed by the International Space Station’s robotic arm in preparation for a historic docking with the research laboratory.

  • Space Shuttle Atlantis Returns From Final Scheduled Mission

    The space shuttle Atlantis returned to Earth today, ending its final scheduled mission as NASA ponders whether to launch it on one last trip next year.

  • Google Fiber in Austin Challenges AT&T-Led Web Providers

    Google Inc. will roll out a high- speed Internet access service in Austin, Texas, that is more than 100 times faster than some broadband services, posing a challenge to access providers.

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