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  • Churches’ Use of New York City Schools Reversed on Appeal

    New York City’s refusal to allow religious groups to use public schools for worship doesn’t violate the U.S. Constitution, an appeals court ruled, reversing a trial judge in a case that has been reviewed by the court six times in almost two decades.

  • For $3,300, Diageo Will Make You a Zombie in Your House

    Some companies use in-home shopping parties to get customers to spend on items like jewelry and Tupperware in the company of friends -- and a lot of alcohol. Diageo Plc is going straight to the fun by shipping liquor and bartenders to clients’ living rooms.

  • Jailer of Taliban Deploys to Chicago School to Foil Gangs

    Between scouting banquet halls for eighth-grade graduation and disciplining a boy who bit a classmate, Principal Aaron Rucker spotted five gang members near William H. Ryder Elementary and pulled his silver Range Rover to the curb.

  • NYC Wins Return of Stop-And-Frisk Case to Pursue Accord

    New York City won a bid for a federal appeals court to return lawsuits over stop-and-frisk police tactics to a lower court while Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration pursues a settlement over the practice.

  • Lehman Brothers Holdings Blocks Australian Payout Vote

    Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. blocked an Australian unit’s plan to pay creditors, including towns, churches and charities standing to recover as much as A$225 million ($213 million).

  • Lehman Unit Liable for Failed CDOs Sold in Australia

    Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.’s Australian unit is liable for losses three towns incurred from buying failed securities, a judge ruled. The lawsuit’s sponsor said the case is the first of its kind to complete a trial.

  • Lehman Insurers Pay Bid to Be Voted on by Australia Towns

    Australian towns, churches and charities are scheduled to vote Oct. 17 on a proposal by a Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. unit and its insurers to pay them about $48 million to cover part of their investment loss claims.

  • S&P Prosecutor’s Stalled Nomination Is Bump in Fast-Track Career

    The Justice Department suit against Standard & Poor’s has entered a phase where lawyers spend months arguing over procedure, and progress is slim. Tony West, who’s overseeing the case. knows the feeling: His nomination to become the agency’s No. 3 official has been blocked for half a year.

  • RBS and S&P Sued by European CPDO Investors Over Losses

    Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc and Standard & Poor’s were sued in the Netherlands by 16 investors over a complex derivative product that fell in value by as much as 90 percent during the financial crisis.

  • Chesapeake Agrees to Sell Utica Shale Acreage; Shares Rise

    Chesapeake Energy Corp., the most active U.S. oil and natural-gas driller, said it is selling part of its holdings in the Utica Shale oil and gas field in Ohio for $1.14 billion. Its shares rose 6 percent.

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