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  • The Dumb Money Is Getting Smarter Every Day

  • Arnott Index Derided by Bogle as Witchcraft Beats Vanguard Fund

    As Robert Arnott was deciding whether to start his own investment firm, he met with his hero John Bogle for dinner. At a steakhouse in downtown Philadelphia in 2001, the founder of indexing powerhouse Vanguard Group Inc. spoke with enthusiasm about running his own firm. Bogle, who’s now 82, told Arnott that starting a company could be rewarding once your investing ideas catch fire.

  • Bogle: Tax Break for PE Firms ‘Ridiculous’

    John Bogle, the Vanguard Group Inc. founder who popularized index investing, said lower tax rates for certain types of gains earned by private equity firms are “ridiculous.”

  • Fidelity Loses Top Mutual-Fund Spot to Bogle's Indexing

    John Bogle has preached the virtues of low-cost indexing since the 1970s to investors willing to pay higher fees for big-name money managers at firms such as Fidelity Investments.

  • Volcker: ’Confidence in Government is Shaky’

    Together they have 120 years experience in financial markets. John Bogle, 82, popularized index investing. Paul Volcker, 84, broke the back of 15 percent inflation as Federal Reserve chairman in the 1980s.

  • Princeton’s Run to NCAA Tourney Gets Bogle Feeling Like a Sophomore at 81

    John Bogle , a 1951 Princeton University graduate and founder of Vanguard Group Inc., says he never underestimates his alma mater, even today when the basketball team takes on the seven-time national champion University of Kentucky.

  • Asness Meets ‘Grim Reaper’ Before Fund Rebounds From 50% Loss

    Clifford Asness , who runs AQR Capital Management LLC, one of the world’s biggest hedge funds, says fellow fund managers gouge their clients by charging exorbitant fees for just tracking the markets. He also takes a dim view of the administration of President Barack Obama , calling his economic team “Cossacks on a shtetl,” a reference to the Russian cavalrymen who sacked Jewish villages in Eastern Europe in the 19th century.

  • The Quant Who Won't Shut Up

    After losses of more than 50 percent in 2007 and 2008, Cliff Asness of AQR Capital Management is starting new hedge and mutual funds--and sounding off on everything from taxes to Tea Partiers.

  • John Bogle Says Impossible to Have a Bond Market Bubble

    John Bogle, the founder of mutual fund company Vanguard Group Inc. who popularized index investing, said it’s impossible to have a bond market bubble because investors can expect to receive their money back when the bond matures.

  • Bogle Grades U.S. Finance, Volcker Urges Curbs

    John Bogle, the founder of mutual fund company Vanguard Group Inc. who popularized index investing, and former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker discuss the U.S. financial system and investor confidence.

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