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  • Tourre Case Buoys SEC as Congress Weighs Funding

    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s courtroom victory over ex-Goldman Sachs Group Inc. employee Fabrice Tourre is helping the agency turn the page on years of criticism that it isn’t holding Wall Street to account.

  • Joe Nocera Is Wrong About Woonsocket’s Crisis

    In Tuesday's New York Times, Joe Nocera has a column on the troubled city of Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Nocera contends that the city of 41,000 is being forced toward bankruptcy by anti-tax lawmakers under the influence of ALEC, the controversial association of corporate donors and conservative state lawmakers.

  • No Jail for Economic Crisis May Mean No Crime: Roger Lowenstein

    “Forgive me,” began Charles Ferguson , the director of “Inside Job,” while accepting his 2011 Oscar for best documentary. “I must start by pointing out that three years after a horrific financial crisis caused by massive fraud, not a single financial executive has gone to jail, and that’s wrong.”

  • Reagan, Not the Left, Started Partisan Fires: Michael Kinsley

    The grown-ups (i.e., voters) will tell you, of course, that they don’t care who started it: They want it to stop. But there can be no truce in the nastiness of recent years between Democrats and Republicans until Joe Nocera apologizes for his New York Times column last week blaming it all on the Democrats.

  • Wall Street Justice System Is a Kangaroo Court: William D. Cohan

    There has been a fair amount written recently about various institutional cartels that are thriving in the U.S. despite antitrust laws designed to prevent their existence.

  • Tett: Not Clear If U.S. Can Fix Eurozone Problem

    A discussion on the European debt crisis with Financial Times U.S. managing editor Gillian Tett and New York Times columnist Joe Nocera. TONIGHT on Charlie Rose @ 7p & 10p ET. (Source: Bloomberg)

  • Fakahany Says Merrill Enhanced Risk Management Before Crisis

    Merrill Lynch & Co. enhanced risk controls in the years before mortgage losses eroded its capital and led to a forced sale to Bank of America Corp. in 2008, former co-President Ahmass Fakahany said.

  • Preview tonight’s guests – 11/18/2010

    TONIGHT on Charlie Rose @ 8p & 10p ET, journalists Bethany McLean and Joe Nocera discuss their book, ``All the Devils Are Here: The Hidden History of the Financial Crisis.’’ Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales talks about his company’s 10th anniversary coming up in January, expansion into India, and the future of open-source knowledge and social media.

  • Mark Hurd Gave HP’s Board Many Reasons for Ouster: Ann Woolner

    Bit by bit, more of the story seeps out about what lay behind the decision by Hewlett-Packard board’s to give Chief Executive Officer Mark Hurd the boot, albeit one stuffed with millions of bucks.

  • `Voldemort Book' Destroys Merrill, `Zombie Economics': Top Business Books

    With so many business books being published each month, we’re often asked for recommendations. Here are 30 of our favorite hardbacks published this year.

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