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  • Microsoft’s $7.2 Billion Nokia Bet Not Luring Apps

    Microsoft Corp.’s $7.2 billion pairing with Nokia Oyj’s handset business is failing to win over the software developers who are crucial to its success.

  • San Jose Cops Rush Disability Retirement as Rules Tighten

    Police officers and firefighters in San Jose, California, are rushing to join a program that lets them claim disability and retire in their 30s and 40s -- and that allows them to get tax-free pensions while taking new jobs elsewhere.

  • AOL Inc. Investor Starboard Urges Board to Hire Adviser o

    AOL Inc. shareholder Starboard Value LP urged the board to reduce tax liability by hiring a financial adviser on any possible sale or breakup of business assets or units.

  • How Poor Students Subsidize Unworthy College Sports

    As parents and students struggle to keep up with rising college tuition and take on greater burdens of debt, universities are being challenged to justify the ballooning athletic fees they tack on to the bill.

  • Six Months Into Alabama County Bankruptcy, Services Fray

    In Alabama’s most populous county, twisted tree limbs are strewn on the ground months after a tornado ripped them down. Potholes pockmark roads and parking lots, including one the size of a pizza that swallowed the county manager’s front tire. Government credit cards were rejected when maintenance workers tried to buy supplies.

  • Gunshots Rattle Hills as Merlot Rebounds From ‘Sideways’ Gibe

    As winemaker Philippe Melka unlocked the gate of his Knights Valley vineyard in Sonoma, California, gunshots echoed from the hills surrounding his plot.

  • Big Ambitions for Yuguang's 'OnStar' for Online Computer Repair

    Liren Ji was a 22-year-old college graduate with a degree in mechanical engineering when he moved to the U.S. for advanced study in 1984, shortly after China reopened to the world. He credits his parents for his intellectual curiosity. During the Cultural Revolution, his mother and father, both engineers, were sent from Beijing to the countryside for reeducation through labor. They refused to let tough times extinguish their passion for discovery.

  • Delicious California Wines Don’t Have to Cost a Fortune: Review

    Spending an afternoon in a Sonoma Valley vineyard sipping from a heavenly $450 bottle of Verite 2007 La Joie is hard to beat. Shelling out a tenth of that for something just as memorable is even better.

  • Verizon IPhone Deal May Add $1 Billion to Apple's App Sales

    A Verizon Wireless version of the iPhone will create a boom in sales of downloadable tools and games for the device, strengthening Apple Inc. ’s already close ties to mobile software developers.

  • Hospices Dump Patients, Escape Millions Owed

    Lois Armstrong and David Daucher closed their for-profit hospice in October to get out from under more than $27 million in refunds it owed the federal Medicare program, they said.

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