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  • Putin Asks Olympics' Gay Visitors to ‘Leave the Children Alone’

    Gay visitors to the Winter Olympics in Sochi are free to visit and will not be targeted by the country’s law banning homosexual “propaganda” to minors, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

  • Napolitano Says No Clemency for Edward Snowden

    The former head of the Department of Homeland Security said Edward Snowden doesn’t deserve clemency for exposing the broad reach of U.S. surveillance programs.

  • Billie Jean King’s Message to Vladimir Putin

    Vladimir Putin’s Olympics, like many of his policies, seem designed to vex and annoy the West. For the Olympics at least, U.S. President Barack Obama has come up with a brilliant response to his Russian counterpart. Her name is Billie Jean King.

  • Obamas, Biden to Skip the Winter Olympics in Russia

    By David Nakamura Dec. 18 (Washington Post) -- The White House announced Tuesday that President Obama, Vice President Biden and the first lady will not attend the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, in February, a pointed snub by an administration that is feuding with Russian leaders on a range of foreign policy and human rights issues. The U.S. delegation will be led by a former Cabinet secretary and a deputy secretary of state, and it will include two openly gay athletes — tennis legend Billie Jean King and ice hockey player Caitlin Cahow — in an apparent bid to highlight opposition to Russia's anti-gay laws. This will mark the first time since the Summer Games in Sydney in 2000 that a U.S. Olympic delegation did not include a president, first lady or vice president. The White House made the announcement in a news release late Tuesday. Officials said Obama's schedule would not permit him to attend the Games during a two-week period beginning Feb. 7,

  • We Owe it All to B.J. King, Serena Says as WTA Turns 40

    A closed-door meeting in London 40 years ago helped put Serena Williams where she is today, among the millionaires of tennis.

  • Appointing Gays to Olympic Delegation Shows U.S. Values

    President Barack Obama said he won’t attend the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, because he’s too busy, and his choice of gay former athletes for his official delegation “speaks for itself.”

  • Sharapova's Millions Started With Billie Jean King's $1 Contract

    All it took was $1 for Billie Jean King to change tennis.

  • Gervais Gets Kinder in ‘Derek’: Billie Jean King: TV

    In Netflix’s tender-hearted dramedy “Derek,” an elderly friend tells Ricky Gervais’s mentally challenged title character that it’s “more important to be kind than clever.”

  • Serena Williams Proves as Big for Black Athletes as Being No. 1

    Sachia Vickery was 5 1/2 when she declared she would be the next Serena Williams. Now 18, she credits the 17-time Grand Slam singles champion with much more than just tennis inspiration.

  • NYC Weekend: Electric Zoo, Baby Leopard, Ethan Coen Play

    Our picks for the weekend:

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