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  • Private-Equity Scrutiny Deepens as SEC Finds Illegal Fees

    Private-equity firms, after decades of operating with limited regulatory scrutiny, are facing possible sanctions and tighter oversight after the Securities and Exchange Commission uncovered improprieties at most firms.

  • SEC Registration Captures More Hedge Fund Advisers

    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission will oversee hundreds more private advisers at hedge funds and private equity firms than it first predicted, expanding the reach of one of the most controversial requirements of the Dodd-Frank Act.

  • Miracle-Gro’s Potty-Mouthed CEO Should Have Known Better

    Profane language can be a useful tool for ambitious executives, enabling them to express the power of their convictions and the seriousness of their cause.

  • Pulitzer Mocked Money Kings, Picked Presidents: Lewis Lapham

    Near the end of his campaign for U.S. president in 1884, James Blaine attended a fundraising dinner at Delmonico’s with 200 of the nation’s richest men. The next day a huge cartoon caricaturing the most reviled of them appeared on the front page of Joseph Pulitzer ’s newspaper, the World, under the headline: “The Royal Feast of Belshazzar Blaine and the Money Kings.”

  • Swaps-Dealer Defined, Commodity Options, Ads: Compliance

    U.S. regulators yesterday defined which companies will face new oversight in the $708 trillion global swaps market, where largely unregulated trades helped fuel the 2008 financial crisis.

  • Lifting Ad Ban Promises More Reach to Hedge-Fund Pitches

    Investment pitches by entrepreneurs and hedge funds may get a higher public profile on television, through social media and even at sporting events following the lifting of an 80-year-old rule by U.S. securities regulators.

  • When a Plutocratic Dinner Doomed a Presidential Campaign

    Media debacles are a recurrent nightmare for presidential candidates. Yet few have ever confronted a more devastating publicity firestorm than the Republican candidate James G. Blaine did on a fateful day in October 1884.

  • SEC Probes Money Managers for Conflicts in Choosing Hedge Funds

    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, stepping up its oversight of investment advisers, is examining whether asset managers that channel money to hedge funds are acting in investors’ best interest.

  • Obama vs. Romney: The Battle of the Century

    Widespread U.S. unhappiness with the government would seem to call for a blockbuster election, such as the one we had exactly a century ago, when both candidates offered sweeping plans for public renewal.

  • Lampert Gains $160 Million on Sears Shares

    Edward Lampert, the hedge fund manager who controls Sears Holdings Corp., has more than $160 million in paper profits on shares of the retailer acquired last month from a long-standing client, the Ziff family.

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