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  • McGee's Exit From Barclays Shows Lehman Legacy Fading Away

    Hugh “Skip” McGee isn’t just the head of a British bank’s Americas division. He is one of its most lavishly paid officials and the only Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. alumnus on the executive committee.

  • Goldman Sachs's Hylander, Cyzer, Ashdown Said to Leave

    Goldman Sachs Group Inc. , which makes the most from equity trading of all Wall Street banks, is losing the head of a unit that invests in securities exchanges and two senior executives from its London equities division.

  • Currency Market Unsettled by Trader Exits on Lawsky Probe

    The foreign-exchange trading business was in upheaval across Wall Street as senior executives resigned and others were fired amid an expanding probe of possible currency manipulation.

  • JPMorgan Leads Job Cuts as Banks Seek to Bolster Profit

    Rising stock prices, rebounding profits, restored dividends and a growing economy are signaling to U.S. banks it’s time for more job cuts.

  • More Job Cuts Loom for Europe’s Banks Locked Into Higher Pay

    European banks may resort to more jobs cuts or zero bonuses as they struggle to maintain fixed compensation levels amid deteriorating financial markets.

  • EU’s Bankers Get Early Christmas Gift With Bonus-Cap Waiver

    Bankers in the European Union got an early Christmas present as the bloc’s top banking regulator proposed a way to avoid the world’s toughest bonus caps.

  • Global Carbon Credits Die as Smart Money Embraces India’s RECs

    Vibhav Nuwal was once an enthusiastic supporter of the global carbon market. The 32-year- old Indian-born banker started in September 2009 developing carbon credits to target investors in Europe and Japan for Mumbai-based private-equity fund Managing Emissions. Less than a year later, he quit his job, convinced that the United Nations’ failure to broker a global agreement to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions meant the carbon credit market was effectively dead.

  • Traders Look for New Jobs as Charges Loom Over SAC

    Four days after the U.S. government indicted SAC Capital Advisors LP, describing it as a “veritable magnet for market cheaters,” founder Steven A. Cohen walked around the firm’s Manhattan offices on Madison Avenue and spoke with employees, telling them that “bad apples” exist in any organization.

  • Trader Thompson Made Eurobonds Woman’s Best Friend Before Crash

    Valerie Thompson went from a childhood hawking fish, fruit and vegetables in London’s run- down East End to a Eurobond star at Salomon Brothers Inc. when it was the world’s biggest trading firm. Like the successful trader she was, she got out at the top.

  • Diamond Would Be Catch for Investment, Private Equity

    If Robert Diamond can’t recover in banking after resigning as Barclays Plc’s chief executive officer amid the firm’s record regulatory fines, he would still be a sought-after prospect in another field: investment funds.

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