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  • Connecticut Wins NCAA Women’s Tournament Opener by 43 Points

    The University of Connecticut women’s basketball team opened defense of its national title with an 87-44 rout of Prairie View A&M in the first round of the National Collegiate Athletic Association tournament.

  • Former Treasury Chief Sees Accounting in the Price of Emission: Dumb Question

    How’s climate change a risk to me? This simple question has gone unanswered for too long.

  • James Madison Would Take All Sides of Shutdown

    Everyone is talking about the president, even though he is a cerebral, aloof guy. His wife is glam (her enemies say, too glam). There are troubles abroad, and deadlock on Capitol Hill.

  • Runty James Madison Lost Battle, Fled Washington: Lewis Lapham

    The U.S. had been at war with Britain for two years when on Aug. 17, 1814 the enemy landed 4,500 seasoned troops in Maryland. Hearing that Washington was about to be attacked, President James Madison rode to battle.

  • James Madison Top Scorer Will Sit Half of NCAA Game After Arrest

    Rayshawn Goins, the leading scorer and rebounder for James Madison University, will sit out the first half of the Dukes’ National Collegiate Athletic Association men’s basketball tournament game tomorrow against Long Island University Brooklyn following his arrest.

  • James Madison, La Salle Win to Reach NCAA Tournament Full Round

    James Madison University and La Salle University won last night to secure spots in the first full round of the national men’s college basketball tournament.

  • Princeton’s Exile of Dinky Train Pits Locals Against Ivy League

    Princeton, New Jersey, can cope with the headache of a $330 million construction zone around its Ivy League university, the town’s biggest taxpayer. Disrespect for the Dinky, though, is another matter.

  • If Businesses Can Talk, They Can Pray

    Do corporations have a right to religious liberty? The contraceptive mandate of the Affordable Care Act has made this abstract-sounding question into the hottest constitutional issue of the day -- hotter, even, than the right to privacy from government snooping. The U.S. Supreme Court has gotten into the game by agreeing to hear a case on the issue and, in the meantime, temporarily staying the law under a range of circumstances. The stage is now set for a battle that will end in the court’s second major Obamacare decision later this year.

  • Johnson to Pick a Fidelity Veteran in Replacing O’Hanley

    It took Abigail Johnson 25 years to take charge at Fidelity Investments, the money manager controlled by her father. As she picks a new head for the firm’s asset-management unit, her choice is likely to be a company veteran who rose through the ranks like she did.

  • Tea Party Tactics Lead Straight Back to Secession

    As the government shutdown enters its second week, liberal commentators such as the Washington Post’s Colbert King have likened the political forces arrayed against the Affordable Care Act to a “New Confederacy,” akin to the slaveholding, secessionist Confederate States of America.

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