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  • Forget the NSA. That Smartphone Snooper May Be Your Spouse

    It's not just the National Security Agency spying on smartphones. Many ordinary people are also using sophisticated software to eavesdrop on the wireless communications of their lovers, children and business rivals.

  • Netanyahu Frees Settlers to Return to Home After Murder

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Jewish settlers could return to an evacuated disputed home in the West Bank city of Hebron after Palestinians shot and killed a soldier.

  • Peres Defends Obama’s Syria Delay After Israeli Criticism

    Israeli President Shimon Peres defended U.S. President Barack Obama’s decision to seek congressional approval to strike Syria, after officials criticized the move as undermining the image of American resolve.

  • Israeli Army Eases Housing Crisis With Vacated Bases: Mortgages

    Israel’s army, with bases spread over 39 percent of the country, plans to vacate properties for development into residences needed to ease a housing shortage.

  • Israel Prosperity Seen Unsustainable as Haredim Refuse to Work

    Moshe Linker spends his days studying Jewish religious texts in Jerusalem, supporting his three children with a seminary stipend, state child payments and his wife’s teacher salary.

  • Israel Welcomes Hagel, a Friend Bearing Gifts

    A few days ago, the chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces, Benny Gantz, pushed back against the idea -- which has recently gained much currency among Iran- watchers -- that it was too late for his country to act alone against Iran’s nuclear facilities, should sanctions, subterfuge and diplomacy fail.

  • Delaware Judge Chandler Retires, Rajaratnam, Health Care in Court News

    Delaware Chancery Court Chief Judge William B. Chandler III , who oversaw challenges to the Walt Disney Co. and Hewlett-Packard Co. boards as head of one of the most important U.S. business litigation courts, is stepping down. Chandler, 60, led the influential five-member court since 1997 and most recently ruled on Air Products & Chemicals Inc. ’s hostile $5 billion bid for Airgas Inc.

  • The Fall of Hezbollah’s Leader

    The rebel forces in Syria have reported that in the recent bitter fighting in the strategic town of Qusair, they saw very few Syrian army troops, and that they were beaten back mainly by Hezbollah militiamen. But these victories -- important as they may be in themselves -- won’t save the regime of Bashar al-Assad, and no less significantly, they will have a largely detrimental effect on the future of Hezbollah and its leader.

  • Israel Ready to Invade Gaza If Cease-Fire Efforts Fail

    Israeli ground forces are poised to invade the Gaza Strip for the first time in almost four years amid efforts by Egypt and Turkey to help end exchanges of fire that have killed 96 Palestinians and three Israelis.

  • Netanyahu Says Israel May Widen Action as Truce Bid Grows

    Israel said it may expand an assault on the Gaza Strip amid a fifth day of rocket attacks on its cities, as regional leaders raced to broker an accord ending a conflict that has killed 67 Palestinians and three Israelis.

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