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  • Boxer Won’t Seek Re-Election, Setting Fight for Seat

  • Clinton, Democrats Can’t Find Consensus to Beat Jeb Bush

  • Kagan Took Lead Role in Fight Over Abortion Limits

    Elena Kagan helped shape the Clinton administration’s fight against a Republican bill to limit abortion, aiming to bolster the rights of women and honing the message of the administration and its allies.

  • Obama, Clinton Split on Mexico Drug War Parallel With Colombia Insurgency

    By Anne E. Kornblutand Scott Wilson Sept. 10 (Washington Post) -- Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton sees similarities between the drug violence now afflicting Mexico and Colombia's narco-war of the 1980s. President Obama, not so much. "You can't compare what is happening in Mexico with what happened in Colombia," Obama told a Spanish-language newspaper in remarks published on its Web site on Thursday. Obama's remarks in La Opinion appeared at odds with Clinton's comments a day earlier that the situation in Mexico is "looking more and more like Colombia looked 20 years ago," with drug traffickers controlling "parts of the country." "In Colombia, it got to the point where. . . more than a third of the country - nearly 40 percent of the country at one time or another - was controlled by the insurgents, by FARC," Clinton said, referring to the Colombian revolutionary group.

  • Hillary Clinton Slips Into White House for Private Lunch

    Hillary Rodham Clinton dropped by the White House today for a private lunch with her former boss, President Barack Obama.

  • Clinton Advisers Urged White House to ‘Defend HRC’

  • I Know the Secret to Economic Growth: Hillary Rodham Clinton

    One of the biggest growth markets in the world may surprise you.

  • How Bill Clinton's White House Handled Political Threats

  • Southern Sudan's Planned Referendum May Present a Crisis For Washington

    Sept. 21 (Washington Post) -- SECRETARY OF STATE Hillary Rodham Clinton recently blurted out a rather undiplomatic warning about "a ticking time bomb of enormous consequence." She was talking not about Afghanistan or Iran or Iraq, but Sudan -- a country that until recently has gotten relatively little attention from the Obama administration. She was right. In a matter of months Sudan could present the administration with a major new international crisis, one that has the potential to be even bloodier than the Darfur genocide. At stake is one of the top diplomatic achievements of the Bush administration: a 2005 peace accord ending two decades of war between Sudan's Arab-controlled central government and its mainly Christian and animist south. The deal established an autonomous government in the south, and stipulated January 2011 as the date for a referendum on whether the region, which comprises about a third of the huge country, will become independent.

  • Gingrich Sheds Tears as Iowa Caucus Campaign Enters Final Days

    With emotions running high in the final days of the Republican presidential campaign in Iowa, Newt Gingrich wiped away tears yesterday while recalling his mother’s struggles with illness as he and his rivals in the race worked to lock down support in the Jan. 3 caucuses.

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