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  • Clinton, Democrats Can’t Find Consensus to Beat Jeb Bush

  • Kagan Took Lead Role in Fight Over Abortion Limits

    Elena Kagan helped shape the Clinton administration’s fight against a Republican bill to limit abortion, aiming to bolster the rights of women and honing the message of the administration and its allies.

  • Clinton Advisers Urged White House to ‘Defend HRC’

  • How Bill Clinton's White House Handled Political Threats

  • I Know the Secret to Economic Growth: Hillary Rodham Clinton

    One of the biggest growth markets in the world may surprise you.

  • Gingrich Sheds Tears as Iowa Caucus Campaign Enters Final Days

    With emotions running high in the final days of the Republican presidential campaign in Iowa, Newt Gingrich wiped away tears yesterday while recalling his mother’s struggles with illness as he and his rivals in the race worked to lock down support in the Jan. 3 caucuses.

  • Woodward Book Shows Obama Sought an Afghanistan Exit, Washington Post Says

    Bob Woodward Book Details Obama Battles With Advisers Over Exit Plan for Afghan War By Steve Luxenberg Sept. 22 (Washington Post) -- President Obama urgently looked for a way out of the war in Afghanistan last year, repeatedly pressing his top military advisers for an exit plan that they never gave him, according to secret meeting notes and documents cited in a new book by journalist Bob Woodward. Frustrated with his military commanders for consistently offering only options that required significantly more troops, Obama finally crafted his own strategy, dictating a classified six-page "terms sheet" that sought to limit U.S. involvement, Woodward reports in "Obama's Wars," to be released on Monday. According to Woodward's meeting-by-meeting, memo-by-memo account of the 2009 Afghan strategy review, the president avoided talk of victory as he described his objectives. "This needs to be a plan about how we're going to hand it

  • Bill Clinton and the Journalists Who Love-Hated Him

    A highlight of Newt Gingrich’s ill- starred run for the Republican presidential nomination came during a televised debate in January when the moderator asked him a pointed question about his messy divorce.

  • Obama, Romney Bash Each Other With 90% Negative Ads

    President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney are decrying negative attacks even as they focus almost all of their television advertisements on bashing one another.

  • Asian Nations Beef Up Military, Cosy Up to U.S. in Face of China's Rise

    By John Pomfret Aug. 9 (Washington Post) -- The nations of Southeast Asia are building up their militaries, buying submarines and jet fighters at a record pace and edging closer strategically to the United States as a hedge against China's rise and its claims to all of the South China Sea. Weapons acquisitions in the region almost doubled from 2005 to 2009 compared with the five preceding years, according to data released by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute this year. "There is a threat perception among some of the countries in Southeast Asia," said Siemon Wezeman, senior fellow at the institute. "China is an issue there." The buying spree is set to continue, with reports that Vietnam has agreed to pay $2.4 billion for six Russian Kilo-class submarines and a dozen Su-30MKK jet fighters equipped for maritime warfare. This is in addition to Australia's stated

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