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  • The Threat of ‘Abegeddon’ From Taxes in Japan

    Posterity is watching carefully as Shinzo Abe goes ahead with a sales-tax increase aimed at getting a handle on Japan’s huge debt burden, the world’s largest. Unfortunately history may judge him no better than Ryutaro Hashimoto, the last Japanese prime minister to kill an economic recovery with ill-timed fiscal tightening.

  • Eric Schlosser Moves From Big Macs to Nuclear Accidents

    Today the world’s attention is focused on Damascus, Syria, and its chemical weapons. Thirty- three years ago events in Damascus, Arkansas -- also home to weapons of mass destruction -- mesmerized the globe.

  • Hoover May Haunt Romney, but Not Ryan

    Herbert Hoover will spook Mitt Romney yet. That’s the hope of Democrats and worry of Republicans in the 50-odd days left in this presidential campaign.

  • Obama Mirror Image of Hoover With Lessons From 1930s

    President Barack Obama is betting he learned enough lessons from Herbert Hoover to revive an economy still slowed in the wake of financial crisis.

  • For Writers, Only Realism Was Equal to ’30s Crisis

    As the Depression hit after the crash of October 1929, Edmund Wilson felt the ground under his feet give way. During the 1920s, he had made his name as a leading literary critic, a cheerleader for ambitious new writing who had helped bring the difficult Modernists of Europe to an American audience.

  • How Not to Campaign During a Depression

    In late August 1932, George Foster Peabody, a major figure in railway and electric-power development, wrote a letter to the New York Times, criticizing President Herbert Hoover's response to the Great Depression. Peabody’s conclusion was stark: “I am thus thoroughly convinced that Mr. Hoover is incompetent.”

  • Herbert Hoover Returns With Awful Economic Ideas

    In economic circles, no slight stings more than being compared to Herbert Hoover. The 31st U.S. president, who helped make the Depression of the 1930s great, ranks among history’s worst growth killers.

  • When the U.S. Asked Europe for Its Money Back

  • Democrats of 2004 Brand Obama Worst President: Kevin Hassett

    As we approach another general election, it will be interesting to see how the economic performance of Democrats is judged. If voters borrow the preferred method of John Kerry and other Democrats from 2004, Barack Obama will be revealed to be among the worst presidents in history.

  • Roosevelt Wins and the Beer Battle Begins

    As the 1932 presidential election neared, Benjamin Roth, a stalwart Republican and devoted diarist, was deeply discouraged.

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