Hans Nichols

International Correspondent, Bloomberg Television


Hans Nichols is an international correspondent for Bloomberg Television, focusing on foreign affairs and the international economy. Based in Berlin, Nichols has interviewed numerous political figures and government officials, as well as past and present heads of state. In 2008, he covered the presidential campaign of Senator John McCain for Bloomberg News.

In addition to Bloomberg News, Nichols’s reporting has appeared globally in publications such as The New Republic, The Los Angeles Times, The Financial Times and The Telegraph. He was also a writer for Congressional newspaper The Hill.

Nichols graduated magna cum laude from Cornell University with a bachelor’s degree in government. He received a master’s degree in political theory from the London School of Economics. Nichols was a Fulbright Scholar in international justice in Sierra Leone in 2005.


  • " RT @ZSchneeweiss: Someone Is Trying to Crowdfund #Greece Bailout, and Donations Are Surging http://t.co/S7xuZ2Pldp via @julieverhage http:/… "

    Twitter: @HansNichols

  • " RT @GeorgeBee3: @HansNichols @YanniKouts https://t.co/vBwwfUIZk3 Only one I saw so far, but a few days old ... changes fast I would guess. "

    Twitter: @HansNichols

  • " @YanniKouts Thanks. Last I saw was a JP Morgan note yesterday saying that the "yes" camp was up by 14 points. But I could find original data "

    Twitter: @HansNichols

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