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  • Virginia, Alabama Voter Choices Show Tea Party Declining

    In the closing days of his losing campaign for Virginia’s governorship, Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli called the contest a referendum on Obamacare. Virginia voter Lee Killen saw it instead as a referendum on the Tea Party -- and he voted no.

  • Palin Shakes Up Republican Presidential Field While Keeping Mum on Plans

    Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is shaking up a Republican presidential field just starting to take shape, injecting her unconventional campaigning and celebrity into what had been a sleepy start to the party’s 2012 primaries.

  • Romney Faults Perry on Immigration as Republican Rift Widens

    Mitt Romney wants the U.S. to build a fence to keep out illegal immigrants. Herman Cain suggested constructing an electrified “Great Wall of China” along the Mexican border. And Rick Perry, who once called the fence idea “idiocy,” is accusing Romney of employing illegal workers.

  • Biden’s Combative Ryan Debate Gives Obama Chance to Reset

    Vice President Joe Biden, seeking to repair damage done by President Barack Obama’s subdued debate last week, gave an assertive performance while clashing with Representative Paul Ryan over the direction of the U.S. economy, foreign policy, Medicare and taxes.

  • Romney Racks Up Delegates Even as Campaign Underscores Weakness

    Mitt Romney is winning in math and losing in chemistry.

  • Romney as Client for Turnaround Applies Lessons Learned in Race

    After losing his 2008 bid for the Republican presidential nomination, Mitt Romney jumped into his next project, conducting the kind of analysis he became famous for as a management consultant at Bain & Co. Only this time the company was Romney Inc.

  • Debates Alter Republican Primary Race

    They’ve helped squelch Rick Perry’s poll surge and fuel Herman Cain’s rise. They’ve given Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum platforms for their financially strapped candidacies. They’ve boosted Mitt Romney’s efforts to cast himself as the most electable Republican.

  • Santorum Channeling Pat Buchanan Faces N.H.

    Rick Santorum, working to channel the populist success of Patrick Buchanan in New Hampshire, may be unable to recreate the coalition he needs to finish strong in the state’s Jan. 10 Republican presidential primary.

  • Abortion Foes Guide States in Pushing New Restrictions

    When Bette Grande, a Republican state representative in Fargo, North Dakota, wanted to make it illegal for a woman to end a pregnancy after learning her unborn child would suffer from Down syndrome or another chromosomal abnormality, she turned to a trusted source.

  • Kochs Take Tip From Soros Investing in Voter Registration

    The door-knockers wearing matching T- shirts and carrying electronic tablets loaded with maps and survey scripts fanned out on a recent evening across Hillsborough County, a Florida enclave that has backed the winning presidential candidate in each of the last three elections.

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