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  • Gehry-Designed Project Seen Bringing NYC Vibe to L.A.

    Updated 2 hours, 14 minutes ago

    Billionaire Stephen Ross’s Related Cos. new project in the sleepy end of downtown Los Angeles is designed to invigorate Grand Avenue the way its Time Warner Center helped energize New York’s Columbus Circle.

  • Polar Politics Threaten Norway’s Deepest Drive in Arctic

    An ice chunk that can swell to the size of Russia will shape Norway’s future oil income.

  • Cairn Veteran Watts, CFO to Leave Amid Indian Tax Dispute

    Cairn Energy Plc Deputy Chief Executive Officer Mike Watts and its chief financial officer will step down amid a tax dispute with India.

  • Who Owns the North Pole? Debate Heats Up as Climate Change Transforms Arctic

    Bloomberg BNA — Russia, Denmark and Canada all are trying to prove that their land masses extend to the North Pole, handing the international commission that gives its expert recommendations on such matters its most highly contested issue to date and highlighting the central role the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea will have in determining the future of the rapidly changing region.

  • Chinese Investments in U.S. Commercial Real Estate Surges

    It took just one 15-minute phone call in July to persuade Ifei Chang to join Shanghai-based developer Greenland Holding Group Co. and lead a U.S. expansion. Within three months, she was running $6 billion of projects as part of a record push by Chinese investors into American property.

  • Arctic's Winter Ice Peaks at Fifth-Smallest Extent on Record

    Climate Central – It’s that time of year again: No, we’re not talking allergies flaring or cherry blossoms blooming, but the Arctic ice cap reaching its maximum size for the year.

  • Billionaires Bid for Barrier Reef Casinos on Asian Tourism Wager

    Companies controlled by billionaires James Packer and Cheng Yu-tung have lodged bids to develop casinos in Australia’s Queensland state, as the state government plans to lure Asian tourists with new resorts.

  • The Two Numbers Climate Economists Can’t Stand to See Together

    Okay, fine. You're persuaded that climate change is a problem. So if we can work out the costs and benefits of reducing carbon emissions, we'll be able to decide on the cheapest course of action, right?

  • This Could Be the Priciest Baseball Park in the Whole Atlantic Ocean

    Something odd happens to the neighborhood around Marlins Park, Miami’s new $650 million baseball stadium, when you overlay 21st-century sea-level rise projections. It sinks below the waterline. It’s a shame. The park has a retractable, cloud-white roof to shield players and spectators from the summer sun. It recycles, sips energy and water, and is plugged into public transit. It has 27 flood gates, and was built one foot higher than floods are supposed to reach in once-in-500-year storms. The total, publicly financed package, with debt servicing, could cost Miami $2.4 billion by 2049. If the Atlantic inches in as projected, eventually it might not matter how many flood gates there are. Oceans are swelling as they absorb heat, and ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica have been melting faster since the early 1990s. Sea-level rise estimates for later this century have been revised upward, to a global average of a foot and a half to three feet by 2100, without aggressive carbon-cutting, according to the Inter

  • Hedge Funds Unlikely Saviors for New York-Area Homeowners

    Louis Ragusa, who hasn’t paid his mortgage in two years, says he now has a chance to save his Blackwood, New Jersey, home from foreclosure after a hedge fund bought the loan.

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