Gas Boom: America for Shale


America's natural gas boom came on swiftly and opened a world of questions. It touches all--elected leaders, economists, industry, scientists, environmentalists and the communities that surround drilling. Bloomberg News looks at the things we talk about when we talk about gas.


  • Gas Appeal: Why the U.S. Is the Envy of China

    The world’s largest energy consumer wants a natural gas boom to match the speedy transformation in the U.S., where shale gas production more than quadrupled between 2007 and 2012.

  • Colorado First State to Clamp Down on Fracking Methane Pollution

    Colorado regulators approved groundbreaking controls on emissions from oil and natural gas operations after an unusual coalition of energy companies and environmentalists agreed on measures to counter worsening smog.

  • The Coal Plant an Illinois Town Couldn't Give Away

    How much is an old coal power plant worth? With natural gas production booming and environmental rules looming, in Illinois the answer is clear: It can be hard to even give one away.

  • How to Save Water on Fracking: View

    Among the environmental worries posed by fracking, one has recently escalated: the concern that the enormous quantities of water used in fracking will leave parts of the country parched.

  • Fracking Boom Leaves Texans Under a Toxic Cloud

    When Lynn Buehring leaves her doctor's office in San Antonio she makes sure her inhaler is on the seat beside her, then steers her red GMC pickup truck toward her home on the South Texas prairie.

  • Pilots Do Texas Chicken Amid Houston Channel Oil Traffic

    It takes an expert pilot to pull off the Texas Chicken. The maneuver, in which crossing ships set up for a head-on collision and use each other’s wave pressure to swerve safely past, is the only way to handle two-way traffic in the Houston Ship Channel.

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