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  • Gary Becker, Cornelius Gurlitt, Jimmy Ellis: Obits This Week

    This week’s deaths included a Nobel Prize-winning economist who taught at the University of Chicago; a German art collector who kept a secret stash of prized works stolen from Jews by the Nazis; and a former heavyweight boxing champion and longtime friend of Muhammad Ali. Below are summaries of these and other obituaries from the past week.

  • Eulogy: An Economist Who Measured All Things

    The world has lost a sustainability pioneer few recognized as such. Gary Becker, a Nobel Prize-winning economist from the University of Chicago, died over the weekend, age 83.

  • Do Business Schools Incubate Criminals?

    The recent scandals at Barclays Plc, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and other banks might give the impression that the financial sector has some serious morality problems. Unfortunately, it’s worse than that: We are dealing with a drop in ethical standards throughout the business world, and our graduate schools are partly to blame.

  • For 'Faster Growth,' Soak the Poor?

    Six of America's most prominent conservative economists have gotten together to produce a diagnosis of our economic problems that is detached from reality.

  • Want to Fight Crime? Address Economic Inequality

    About noon on Christmas Day in London, I became the victim of a crime. Somebody smashed in the rear window of our family car; nothing serious, fortunately.

  • How Riots Start, and How They Can Be Stopped: Edward Glaeser

    The riots that began in London have spread across the country. Decades of social-science research has delivered insights about these outbursts of violence, but hasn’t explained why they erupt when and where they do.

  • Rising Crude Prices Tap Into a Barrel of Nonsense: Caroline Baum

    There is nothing, and I mean nothing, like rising crude-oil prices to make sensible people go all wobbly in the head. Economists fail to differentiate between cause and effect. They confuse a supply shock with a shift in demand and see the outcomes as interchangeable. And they can’t see beyond the immediate negative impact on the consumer.

  • Ohio, Texas, Maryland Reach $69 Million E-Books Deal

    States including Maryland, Ohio and Texas said they reached a $69 million settlement with three U.S. publishers over alleged price-fixing for electronic books.

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