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  • China’s Bold, Contradictory Reform

    Call it policy presentation with Chinese characteristics. After the meeting of its leadership last week, China’s Communist Party issued a muddled communique that aroused no great excitement. Then, on the weekend, well ahead of the usual schedule for such announcements, the party released a longer follow-up statement worth getting excited about.

  • Whittaker Chambers Versus Ayn Rand

    Whittaker Chambers and Ayn Rand are two of the most important American conservative icons. Both abhorred collectivism and spoke on behalf of individual freedom. Chambers’ autobiography, “Witness,” is one of the defining conservative documents of the 20th century. Rand’s most influential novel, “Atlas Shrugged,” continues to inspire and orient conservative and libertarian thought.

  • Gold Bug Schiff Counters Goldman on First Drop Since 2000

    Peter Schiff lays an iPod-sized bar valued at about $40,000 on the sun room floor of his Connecticut mansion, and calculates it would cost about $250,000 for each floor tile to pave the room with gold.

  • Hayek, Keynes and How to Prevent Economic Crises: Sylvia Nasar

    Unlike the movies, life rarely permits second takes. But the Second World War gave John Maynard Keynes, the patron saint of government activism, and Friedrich Hayek, the Cassandra who warned of the state’s destructive potential, just such opportunities.

  • Bitcoin Bets Feed Twitter Dreams as Regulators Circle

    It was a chance encounter on a beach in Ibiza, Spain, in the summer of 2012 that would lead to Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss becoming two of the biggest investors in Bitcoin.

  • Are Republicans and Business on the Rocks?

    In recent days, some stalwart allies of the Republican Party -- Wall Street bankers along with several business lobbying groups -- have warned against the government shutdown. Rather than endorse House Republicans’ campaign to destroy the Affordable Care Act, business and financial leaders have politely suggested that the more radical elements Republicans are getting a bit carried away.

  • Krugman Tries to Bury Friedman, Buries Himself

    It’s good that Milton Friedman is dead, because for the past week Paul Krugman has been trying to kill him off and discredit his monetarist theories.

  • Whole Foods' John Mackey on Capitalism's Moral Code

    An interview with John Mackey, co-CEO of Whole Foods Market and coauthor of Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business. Download this podcast...

  • Gorman Skips Business, Jain Likes Faulks: Best Books of 2012

    What books have high-profile readers been enjoying this year?

  • As Republicans Hail Hayek, Their Plans Advance Friedman

    Friedrich Hayek’s book “The Road to Serfdom” has served as a beacon for American conservatives since its publication in 1944. Today’s Republicans often cite the book in their fight to limit federal power and regulation. Hayek’s views, however, were more complicated than they often assume.

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