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  • Fed Officials Kept Humor in 2008 With Jokes on Spouses, Food

    How is a recession like a bad joke? Ben Bernanke couldn’t stop either in 2008.

  • Fed Weighs Revamped Monetary Report as Guide to Policy

    Federal Reserve officials are discussing whether to start a quarterly monetary policy report to provide a clearer guide to their economic outlook and the likely course for policy.

  • Fed Faces Explaining Billion-Dollar Losses in QE Exit Stress

    Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke’s efforts to rescue the economy could result in more than a half trillion dollars of paper losses on the central bank’s books if interest rates rise abruptly from recent levels.

  • Rosengren Says Fed's QE Improves Fiscal Outlook

    Federal Reserve Bank of Boston President Eric Rosengren said the Fed’s large-scale asset purchases help the nation’s fiscal outlook, which should be reflected in an analysis of remittances to the U.S. Treasury.

  • Mishkin: `The Fed Mostly Got it Right'

    Frederic Mishkin, a professor at Columbia University and a former Federal Reserve governor, talks with Bloomberg's Tom Keene about monetary policy and how the Federal Reserve got it right during the financial crisis, preventing a likely depression. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Surveillance Midday." (Source: Bloomberg)

  • Fed’s Powell Says Central Bank Could Refrain From Asset Sales

    Federal Reserve Governor Jerome Powell said the central bank could revise its plan to eventually sell the securities acquired during its large-scale asset purchases, both to avoid causing financial instability and taking losses on its sales.

  • Bernanke Depression Guru Seeks Roosevelt Well-Being

    Ben S. Bernanke argued for 15 years that the Federal Reserve should announce a numerical inflation target. When he finally got his way in January, the victory allowed the central bank to elevate its other mandate: full employment.

  • Woodford’s Theories Rooted in Japan Slump Embraced by Bernanke

    The Federal Reserve is buying mortgage-backed securities and has stated it will keep interest rates low until unemployment falls. The Bank of Canada under Mark Carney likewise made an explicit promise about how long rates would be held down, and Carney is now bringing this practice to the Bank of England. The European Central Bank, led by Mario Draghi, has refined how it communicates its interest- rate intentions.

  • Fed Anxiety Rises as QE Increases Risk of Loss With Costs

    The longer the Federal Reserve continues its bond-buying stimulus, the higher the odds it will face a year without any money to give the U.S. Treasury after taxpayers received a record $88.4 billion profit in 2012.

  • Surveillance Midday (5/3) Inflation Targeting

    On today's "Surveillance Midday" Tom Keene talks with Columbia's Frederic Mishkin, JPMorgan's Michael Hood and NYU Stern School of Business' Nicholas Economides. (Source: Bloomberg)

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