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  • How Japanese Single Malts Surpassed Scotland’s Finest

    My first sip of a great Japanese single-malt whisky was back in 2004, when the 18-year-old Yamazaki was first introduced into the U.S. I found its suave smoothness and elegance as sleek as a new Lexus. It had the familiar spicy, caramel-and-honey notes of a luxury single malt from Scotland but with its own exotic appeal from partial aging in Japanese mizunara oak.

  • The Tippling Point: Where Cognac Is Worth Its Price

    Even in the notoriously expensive cognac market, a bottle from 1788 that sold for $37,000 was ridiculous. And that $30 bottle you're considering? Well, most "sipping cognacs," those you'd serve outside of a cocktail, start at easily twice that much.

  • Saving Bachelors From Alcoholism

    Who, beyond the perennially lonely, would buy a half-bottle of wine? At 375ml, it's good for 2.4 glasses, or, in dinner party measurements, just enough to leave everyone dissatisfied.

  • Private Equity Wake-Up Kiss for Mayacamas: Elin McCoy

    As my car climbs the steep road to Mayacamas winery on Napa’s remote Mount Veeder, I’m recalling its classic cabernets and chardonnays. Amazingly long-lived and complex, they’re under-the-radar and undervalued for their ‘first-growth’ quality. Is all that about to change?

  • Merrill Lynch Man Achieves Winemaker Dream: Elin McCoy

    As summer winds down, there’s still time to think about changing your life and leaving the fast lane of finance for the slow pleasures of winemaking.

  • Saint-Emilion Rankings Offer Winners: Elin McCoy

    After Jean-Luc Thunevin received the letter informing him his Chateau Valandraud had been elevated to Saint-Emilion premier grand cru classe B, he celebrated by opening many bottles of Dom Ruinart champagne.

  • Bastardo Grapes, Old Vines Spice Sonoma Wine: Elin McCoy

    In Sonoma’s Bedrock Vineyard, I’m surrounded by 124-year-old twisted vines with the arthritic look of stumpy bonsai trees.

  • To Every Wine (Sauternes, Sauternes, Sauternes) There Is a Reason

    When was the last time you drank a Sauternes? If you're American, your answer is probably "Not recently" or "Been quite a while" or "Was there a first time?" And that's a pity, because the golden, sweet wine is, as Bloomberg's Elin McCoy explains, "simply fantastic, and given the amount of work that goes into producing each bottle, a bargain."

  • Insider Wine Sleuth Hunts Bargains for Online Sales: Elin McCoy

    Jon Rimmerman, aka the Garagiste, is late. He’s sending out his daily online wine offer from his BlackBerry in his room at New York’s new Hotel Americano.

  • Wine Underpants Join Space Whisky on Sale: Elin McCoy

    Dark, cold outer space is the new wine and spirits frontier.

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