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  • U.K. Risks Return to 1974 as Splintered Politics Hurts Stability

  • Nixon's Legacy, a Bad Decade: Echoes

    Four decades ago, Richard Nixon announced his new economic policy, which included wage-and-price controls, disincentives to import, and the end of the gold-exchange standard. In the short term, meaning the period before the election of 1972, the result was strong growth. Strong enough, in fact, that in November 1972, the U.K. Prime Minister Edward Heath imposed his own wage-and-price controls.

  • Cameron Learns From Thatcher on Economy

    British Prime Minister David Cameron has bowed to uproars over taking away free milk in schools and tinkering with the National Health Service.

  • Margaret Thatcher, U.K. ‘Iron Lady’ Prime Minister, Dies

    Margaret Thatcher, the former U.K. prime minister who helped end the Cold War and was known as the “Iron Lady” for her uncompromising style, died yesterday. She was 87.

  • How Thatcher Saved Britain

    More than any other prime minister since 1945, Margaret Thatcher changed the course of British history. In one sense, like any politician, she was a product of her times, but don’t let that mislead you: Only she could have done what she did.

  • U.K. Lawmakers Will Gather to Pay Tribute to Thatcher

    Prime Minister David Cameron will lead tributes in Parliament today to Britain’s only female premier, Margaret Thatcher, who died two days ago, as lawmakers break from their Easter vacation to consider her legacy.

  • French Planted London Explosives in 1984 to Test Security

    A French security agent planted explosives in his country’s London embassy in an effort to embarrass his British counterparts, according to U.K. government files from 1984 released today.

  • Cameron Treaty Veto Leaves U.K. Alone as EU Leaders Negotiate Fiscal Unity

    David Cameron found himself alone as the 26 other European Union nations began negotiating the future of the region’s economy. Delivering on a veto threat his predecessors carried with them to Brussels for the past 30 years, Cameron strengthened the hand of members of his Conservative Party who want Britain to pull out of the EU.

  • Cameron Takes Thatcher’s Gauntlet in 50 Years of EU Friction

    Before he was elected prime minister in 2010, David Cameron presaged the latest breach in Britain’s fraught relationship with Europe.

  • Cameron Seeks Lib Democrat Alliance Against Brown

    Conservative challenger David Cameron made what he called a “big, open, comprehensive offer” to Nick Clegg ’s Liberal Democrats for an alliance to oust Prime Minister Gordon Brown after the U.K. election failed to deliver a majority to any party.

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