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  • How Wal-Mart Made Its Crumbling China Business Look So Good for So Long

  • Sony’s Software, Hardware Synergy Is an ’Illusion,’ Author Says

    Sony Corp.’s ambition to create synergies between its hardware-making units and software affiliates is “an illusion,” said Yasunori Tateishi, author of ‘Sayonara! Bokurano Sony’ - or Goodbye Our Sony.

  • How to Defeat North Korea

    Let’s start with the bad news: The North Korean problem has no simple or quick solution. The North’s weapons-grade plutonium and nuclear devices have already been manufactured, and are now safely hidden in underground facilities. China, and to a lesser degree Russia, remains unwilling to support a truly rigorous (read: efficient) sanctions regime. More narrow financial sanctions that target the money used to reward regime insiders with perks, like bottles of Hennessy cognac and Mercedes cars, won’t have much impact. Most of the North Korean elite believe that regime stability is a basic condition for their survival. No doubt, they would be willing to put up with locally produced liquor and used Toyotas if the alternative was being strung from the lampposts.

  • LSI Gets Mixed Ruling in First Round of Funai Wi-Fi Case

    LSI Corp. got a mixed ruling in the first round of its patent-infringement case against Realtek Semiconductor Corp. and Funai Electric Co. over Wi-Fi technology used in televisions and DVD players sold under Sylvania, Magnavox and other brands.

  • Post-Sandy Hospital Closures Signal Wider Safety Threat

    Before Hurricane Sandy, Soumitra Eachempati, a trauma doctor at New York Presbyterian Hospital on the city’s affluent Upper East Side, spent much of his time dealing with stair falls and Central Park cycling injuries.

  • What to Do When North Korea Goes South

    From time to time, newspapers shower readers with predictions of a looming mass starvation in North Korea, usually in springtime. In March 2011, the New York Times wrote: “North Korea: 6 Million Are Hungry.” One year earlier, in March 2010, the Times of London warned: “Catastrophe in North Korea; China must pressure Pyongyang to allow food aid to millions threatened by famine.” In March 2009, a Washington Post headline read: “At the Heart of North Korea’s Troubles, an Intractable Hunger Crisis.”

  • Renesas, TSMC Extend Cooperation on Developing Automotive Chips

    Renesas Electronics Corp. and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. will extend an agreement to cooperate on developing and manufacturing microcontrollers used in cars and DVD players.

  • Samsung Says China Suppliers Violated Overtime Regulations

    Samsung Electronics Co., the world’s largest maker of TVs and mobile phones, said an internal audit of suppliers in China found “inadequate practices” that include employees working more overtime than allowed by law.

  • Sony Forecasts Full-Year Loss on Yen, Sales

    Sony Corp., Japan’s largest consumer- electronics exporter, forecast its fourth consecutive annual loss and slashed television sales targets after the yen reached a postwar high and floods in Thailand cut production.

  • Blockbuster Lives on in Mexico as Upscale Chain

    While the last Blockbuster video- rental store in the U.S. closed this month, the brand lives on in Mexico as an upscale chain with aspirations to sell everything from televisions to banking services.

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