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  • Willard Boothby, Eastman Dillon Head During Mergers, Dies at 92

    Willard S. Boothby Jr., who led Eastman Dillon Union Securities Co. in its merger with Blyth & Co. to form what was then Wall Street’s third-largest investment firm, has died. He was 92.

  • RCS Capital to Buy Marron’s Cetera for $1.15 Billion

    RCS Capital Corp. agreed to buy Cetera Financial Group from Donald Marron’s Lightyear Capital LLC for $1.15 billion as it seeks to build a network of brokers across the country.

  • Republicans Discover Evidence of Jobs Crisis

    The U.S. has been in a jobs emergency since at least 2008. The cause of the crisis -- too little demand -- isn’t mysterious, and neither are the solutions. We could invest in infrastructure to create construction jobs. We could give tax breaks to employers who hire new workers. We could restore the payroll tax cut to workers so they have more money to spend. We could help state and local governments hire back some of the employees they laid off during the recession. Macroeconomic Advisers, an economic consulting firm, found that the American Jobs Act, which contained many of these policies, would have created 2 million jobs.

  • Marron of Lightyear Says S&P Downgrade Was Reaction to Politics

    Donald Marron, founder and chairman of Lightyear Capital LLC, said Standard & Poor’s cutting of the U.S. debt rating was a response to Washington politics, not an indication of the country’s economic condition.

  • Baucus Plan Slows Capital Write-Offs With Companies Wary

    Oil companies, manufacturers, advertisers and real estate investors warned that a proposal from Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus to slow down deductions for capital assets could raise the cost of investment.

  • NYU Gets $40 Million From Marron for Cities Institute

    New York University received a $40 million gift from Lightyear Capital LLC Chairman Donald Marron and will use the funds to create an institute to study cities and urban areas.

  • Default Doubters Repudiated by Republican Economists

    Republican lawmakers have played down the significance of hitting the debt limit, saying the U.S. can avoid default by putting aside funds to pay bond holders. Economists affiliated with the party aren’t so sanguine.

  • Ruffalo Fries Sausages, Mack, Marron Try N.Y. Frieze Fair

    Mark Ruffalo, clad in navy-blue work clothes and white butcher apron, was frying pork sausages in the booth of Gavin Brown’s Enterprise at Frieze Art Fair New York Thursday.

  • Bush Tax Cut Armageddon Could Yield Better Tax Code

    How much does the federal government actually spend? About $830 billion more than you think.

  • De Blasio Gets Wall Street Praise Even After Tax Proposal

    After 12 years of Mayor Michael Bloomberg boosting New York’s finance industry, Wall Street is adjusting to the almost inevitable election of Bill de Blasio, who is campaigning against income inequality and calling for higher taxes on the rich.

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