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  • Who Owns the North Pole? Debate Heats Up as Climate Change Transforms Arctic

    Bloomberg BNA — Russia, Denmark and Canada all are trying to prove that their land masses extend to the North Pole, handing the international commission that gives its expert recommendations on such matters its most highly contested issue to date and highlighting the central role the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea will have in determining the future of the rapidly changing region.

  • Putin Clears Crimea Annexation as Ukraine Signs EU Pact

    Russia completed its annexation of Crimea as the European Union signed an accord with Ukraine and expanded sanctions, escalating the worst standoff between Russia and the West since the Cold War.

  • Putin Allies Targeted by EU Sanctions Over Crimea Joining Russia

    The European Union imposed a second round of sanctions targeting 12 Russian political and military officials involved in Russia’s annexation of the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea from Ukraine. As a previous step, the EU imposed sanctions on 21 Ukrainian and Russian individuals.

  • Putin ‘Propagandist’ Added to EU Sanctions Without Oligarchs

    The European Union targeted a Russian state news service chief, labeled a propagandist for the Kremlin, while excluding business leaders from a new wave of sanctions over the seizure of Ukraine’s southern Crimea region.

  • Sanctions Are Badge of Honor as Foes Revel in Cold War Revival

    Russian tycoon Vladimir Yakunin and U.S. Senator John McCain are united by one thing as their leaders square off over the fate of Ukraine: Both are wearing sanctions as a badge of honor.

  • Putin Allies Targeted by U.S., EU Sanctions Over Ukraine Crisis

    U.S. President Barack Obama imposed sanctions on seven senior Russian officials and four Crimeans and Ukrainians deemed responsible for the move to annex the Black Sea peninsula, selecting figures close to President Vladimir Putin or involved in crafting the Kremlin’s policy on Ukraine. The EU imposed sanctions on 21 Ukrainian and Russian individuals.

  • Merkel, Hollande Warn on Russia Sanctions Revealing EU Split

    Germany and France said the European Union won’t rush to impose economic sanctions on Russia for the annexation of Crimea, as the U.S. stepped up its measures against the Kremlin and its allies.

  • EU Clashes Over Ways to Punish Russia Beyond Blacklist

    European Union governments struggled to find ways of punishing Russia for annexing Crimea, reflecting east-west divisions within the EU and concerns that trade curbs would do self-inflicted damage to Europe’s economy.

  • Putin Moves to Claim Crimea as West Issues Sanctions

    Russian President Vladimir Putin took another step toward annexing Crimea, defying sanctions imposed by the U.S. and European Union in the worst standoff with Russia since the end of the Cold War.

  • Obama Says Putin Must Pull Back on Crimea Annexation

    President Barack Obama today imposed sanctions on seven top Russian government officials and four others from Ukraine and warned Russia will face more penalties if it doesn’t pull back from Crimea.

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