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  • Twitter, Frackers, Apple Inside Tales Revealed: Books

    An inside look at Twitter and advice from Facebook’s Randi Zuckerberg will both hit the bookstores this month. Here are some November highlights:

  • In Defense of Base Broadening

    It seems inevitable that the deal to resolve the fiscal cliff will involve a tax increase on the highest earners. As my colleague Deborah Solomon pointed out this month, that may create an accidental legacy for Mitt Romney: A proposal he threw out off the cuff during the presidential campaign to limit itemized deductions is a plausible compromise that would raise revenue without raising tax rates.

  • Obama's Keystone Announcement: Welcome Yet Meaningless

    President Barack Obama traveled to Oklahoma -- the heart of Republican territory -- to beat back criticism that his administration's energy policies are driving up gas prices, announcing an expedited review of a portion of a controversial oil pipeline.

  • Killing the "Job-Killing Regulation" Meme

    The phrase "job-killing regulation" has become a standard part of the political lexicon this campaign season, most often used to disparage President Barack Obama's energy and environmental policies.

  • The 14th Amendment is Obama's Best Option on Debt Ceiling

    Washington's penchant for high-stakes drama is now manifesting itself in another fight over the debt limit, with some top Democrats suggesting that President Barack Obama should invoke the 14th Amendment and raise the $16.4 trillion debt ceiling unilaterally.

  • Now It’s Wall Street’s Turn to Help Main Street

    Four years after the federal government came to its rescue, American International Group Inc. is on such strong footing that the U.S. government will soon become a minority shareholder in the giant insurer. The government may actually recoup its investment of $182 billion.

  • Did Taxpayers Make Money on AIG? Let's Wait and See: The Ticker

    Only in Washington can one of the stock market's most basic and intuitive laws -- buy low, sell high -- turn into a confusing political fight about the success of the U.S. financial bailout.

  • Obama to China: We Need Your Solar Panels, but They're Too Cheap

    President Barack Obama stopped by a Nevada solar facility Wednesday to promote his administration's renewable energy efforts -- just a day after the Commerce Department said it would slap tariffs on Chinese imports of solar panels.

  • Romney's Legacy: A Fiscal Cliff Deal

    Could Mitt Romney ultimately be the architect of a fiscal cliff deal?

  • The Fed Has Done Its Part, Now It's Congress's Turn

    You've got to give Ben Bernanke an A for effort.

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