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  • How to Keep Your Job When Your Boss Is a Robot

    Technology that first comes across as a gimmick, in a few years evolves into your trusty sidekick. Give it a few years more, and it will stab you in the back and take your job. Avoid "technological unemployment" by doing what the robots can’t. Be human.

  • What 2013 Taught Economists About Infant Mortality and Austerity

    In 2013, a graduate student discovered a flaw in a spreadsheet, renewing the debate about austerity and debt. Emerging economies tanked, and Bitcoin boomed. In the U.S., unemployment fell and the Federal Reserve started to scale back its bond-buying program. Research focused on inequality and jobs gap between the highly skilled and everyone else. The Affordable Care Act began.

  • The Greatest Gift of All (Economically Speaking)

    In January 1993, Joel Waldfogel asked 86 undergraduate students whether they liked their Christmas gifts. But Waldfogel is an economist, so he phrased the question more precisely, asking them how much they would’ve paid to buy those items for themselves.

  • Unemployment Falls Fast in U.S. If Men Get College Degree

    After serving time in a Virginia prison following convictions on gun and drug-possession charges, Sean Collins-Harris decided he would fight the odds against his ever returning to white-collar work with the only tool he had: education.

  • Obama’s Goals Clash as Allies Say Trade Push Widens Income Gap

    Even as he calls income inequality the “defining challenge of our time,” President Barack Obama is pursuing new trade agreements that some of his political allies say will only make the problem worse.

  • How Rich Economies Must Adapt to Tomorrow’s Job Market

    The worsening crisis in Europe and the slow recovery in the U.S. are distracting attention from a longer-term problem.

  • Can Congress Learn to Love a 3:1:1 Deal for Growth?: Ezra Klein

    Economist David Autor recently introduced me to a delightfully depressing concept: “now-more- than-everism.” Credit for the coinage goes to Larry Summers , the former U.S. Treasury secretary who is also former director of the National Economic Council, but anyone who follows politics will recognize the premise.

  • Algorithms Play Matchmaker to Fight 7.7% U.S. Joblessness

    When Monique Nyampong graduated from Long Island University last May, she wished she had a headhunter who knew of employers with openings that would be right for her.

  • Disabled Americans Shrink Size of U.S. Labor Force

    Michael White says he wishes he still could pluck the bass line to Hank Williams Jr.’s “Born to Boogie” and pay bills with money he earns himself. High unemployment -- along with ailments that he says render his fingers inoperative and make him cough up blood -- have dashed his hopes.

  • Employment Gains as U.S. Health Care Eclipses Manufacturing

    The aging of America may be good for the U.S. labor market.

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