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  • Boston Scientific Ordered to Pay $73 Million Over Implant

  • Crime and Punishment and Senator John Edwards: Margaret Carlson

    John Edwards committed the perfect crime. He began an affair with campaign videographer Rielle Hunter on the night she waited outside his New York hotel and told him he was “hot” and later produced a child with her. Yet he didn’t suffer for it at the polls. He lost his bid for the White House in 2008 simply because voters, who knew nothing of his dalliance, concluded that he wasn’t presidential timber. Nor was he denied access to his children, as men in his situation so often are. Instead, he won them in an existential custody fight that his wife lost by dying.

  • Alberta Cross Get Bluesy, Cults Grabs Brooklyn Hometown Crowd

    Petter Stakee’s blond hair jutted from a black top hat as the five-piece Alberta Cross opened at The Rock Shop on June 21 with a new song called “Magnolia.”

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