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  • Tough Swap Standards Drive Up Trade Costs 92-Fold

    New rules aimed at making the world safer from blowups in the $693 trillion derivatives market are poised to drive up costs so much for retirement funds and other users that bankers say they do just the opposite.

  • Repo Fire-Sale Plan Said Within Reach After Fed Sounds Alarm

    Wall Street’s biggest firms are close to agreeing on a plan that would safeguard the financial markets from the crippling fire sales that engulfed Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and Bear Stearns Cos.

  • Duffie Proposes Stress-Test Matrix to Monitor Risk

    The world’s largest banks and investment firms should undergo quarterly stress tests to identify risks that could sink the financial system, according to a proposal by Stanford University finance professor Darrell Duffie .

  • Risk of Default in Foreign-Exchange Swaps High, Duffie Says

    The risk of investor default in the foreign-exchange swap and forward markets is large enough to justify processing trades through clearinghouses, Stanford University professor Darrell Duffie said.

  • New York Fed Says Repo Fire Sale Risks Not Being Addressed

    The Federal Reserve Bank of New York said risks of rapid asset sales in the repurchase agreement market aren’t being adequately curbed, and regulators may need to step in to shore up such wholesale funding.

  • Liquidity-Versus-Capital Debate Divides Stanford: Simon Johnson

    Top researchers at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business are taking diametrically opposing views on the Volcker rule, one of the most important issues in financial reform. The sharp distinctions can be seen in their public comments to U.S. bank regulators writing the rule, the part of the Dodd-Frank law that restricts proprietary trading by very large banks.

  • Stanford Credit-Swap Revamp Seeks to Fix Flaw in Payouts

    A Stanford University professor and student are seeking to fix a flaw in credit-default swap contracts that threatens to leave buyers with only part of their losses covered from a sovereign debt restructuring.

  • Stanford Economist Piazzesi Influences Fed Forecasts

    Monika Piazzesi found inspiration for her career at France’s top statistics school in a math class that initially was too hard for her.

  • Markit Group Said to Avoid U.S. Antitrust Claims as EU Proceeds

    Markit Group Ltd., the data provider controlled by Wall Street firms including JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Bank of America Corp., probably won’t face U.S. sanctions for impeding competition in the $22 trillion credit-derivatives market, according to two people with direct knowledge of the four-year investigation.

  • Is Keeping It Simple for Banks Stupid?

    Regulators rightly want to remedy a serious flaw in the financial system: The complexity of bank capital requirements has made them vulnerable to manipulation. In the rush to embrace simplicity, however, policy makers could inadvertently make safe investments unattractive for banks.

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