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  • Traffic's Economic Toll Marooned in Christie Bridge Snarl

    Governor Chris Christie apologized to New Jersey last week after it was revealed that aides ordered busy commuter highway lanes shut for four days in September to punish a local mayor. The ensuing gridlock paralyzed the town of Fort Lee and, in at least four cases, prevented emergency units from getting to people in need.

  • Harvard-Trained Watchdog’s Eyes Focused on Bank Behavior

    Stefan Hunt spent much of his academic career trying to understand why people make lousy financial decisions.

  • Buffetts’ Philanthropy; Daniel Alpert: Top Business Books

    Daniel Alpert isn’t the first to point out the dangers of global trade imbalances.

  • Americans Buy IPads While Broke in New Abnormal Economy

    In March, Ralph Ronzio went to a warehouse in a seedy part of Orange County, California, and watched a man auction off his condo for half what he’d paid for it. Ronzio had bought the place for $329,000 in 2005, when he moved to Southern California from Rhode Island to take a job at a data-storage company. It was the first place he’d ever owned.

  • German Fibbers, Greek Cheaters Sowed Seeds of Euro Drama

    We like to think of ourselves as honest. Yet in reality we all cheat, says behavioral economist Dan Ariely in his new book, “The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty.”

  • Hiring McKinsey; Insider Trading: Top Business Books

    In “Circle of Friends,” Charles Gasparino gives us all the elements of the insider-trading genre: bundles of cash, informants wired by the FBI, bickering regulators.

  • 'Tiny Tax': The Best Worst Climate Fix You’ll Read About All Day

    Bill Gates assumes

  • Most Influential 50’s New Names Show Shakeup in Finance

    They shape economies, move markets, do deals -- and change the world. They hold sway by virtue of the money they manage, the companies they control, the policies they enact and the ideas they propound. The people on the third annual 50 Most Influential list, to be published in the October issue of Bloomberg Markets magazine, command attention as masters of the global financial system.

  • New York Times Fixes Paywall Flaws to Balance Free Versus Paid on the Web

    New York Times Co. has been working to fix about 200 glitches in the technology for charging online readers of its namesake newspaper, just weeks before the project is scheduled to debut, said a person familiar with the matter.

  • Better Trading Through Science

    John Coates, a senior research fellow in neuroscience and finance at the University of Cambridge, has a theory. He says there would be fewer stock market bubbles and crashes if women and older men handled most of the trading. “There is less diversity in the financial world than in the military,” he quips. “On Wall Street, we have one slice of the population -- young men -- running our trading floors. That leads to extreme behavior: They go wilding.”

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