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  • The Only Startups That Matter to Job Creation

    You hear it all the time: Small business is the engine of U.S. job creation, so they need tender loving care, like special tax breaks and other goodies. This narrative is wrong. Census Bureau data show that small businesses destroy almost as many jobs as they create.

  • Colorado K-9s Need New Tricks as Pot Law Muzzles Sniffers

    Like the good drug dog he’s trained to be, Vader barks and scratches the Chevrolet Suburban’s running board when he smells a bag of marijuana hidden between the doors.

  • Colorado Firearm Advocates Push Recall in Gun Control

    The backlash against Colorado’s toughest gun restrictions in a decade intensified as the laws took effect this month, with two Democratic state senators fighting unprecedented recall efforts and seven rural counties pushing to secede and form a 51st state.

  • Colorado Wildfire Costs Insurers $292.8 Million

    The Colorado Black Forest wildfire cost insurers $292.8 million and ruined a record 486 structures, making it the second-most costly fire in the state’s history.

  • Livestrong Donations Decline 8.1% Amid Split With Armstrong

    Livestrong, the cancer support charity that in November ended its relationship with founder Lance Armstrong because of his use of performance-enhancing drugs, had donations drop 8.1 percent to $22.7 million last year from 2011, according to an Internal Revenue Service filing.

  • Colorado Cities Ban Pot Retailers in Face of Drug Binge

    Greeley is the seat of Colorado’s Weld County, the third-largest U.S. agricultural region, yet its lawmakers want nothing to do with cultivating weed.

  • Stop Protecting Unsafe Homes From Wildfires

    Three months ago, I refreshed my firefighting skills in a class created by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group. I spent most of my week alone in front of a computer, clicking through various lessons that have been digitized since the last time I took the course more than 10 years ago.

  • Colorado Springs Fire Consumes Homes, Threatens City

    Emotions ran high in Colorado Springs as hundreds of people forced to flee their wooded subdivisions learned whether their homes survived the most destructive wildfire in state history.

  • UnitedHealth’s Pentagon Failure Seen Risking Future U.S. Awards

    Air Force veteran Michelle Linn worries that her two teenage boys will lose access to an autism treatment center because UnitedHealth Group Inc. has been slow to pay the provider.

  • Obama Visits Site of Colorado’s Most Destructive Wildfire

    President Barack Obama toured scenes of devastation in Colorado Springs a day after thousands of evacuees began learning whose homes survived the most destructive wildfire in state history.

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