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BungoBox is a moving box rental company. BungoBox rents recycled and recyclable industrial strength plastic moving boxes to commercial and residential customers as an alternative to the traditional cardboard box. BungoBoxes do not need packing tape, come with removable contents labels, security features to prevent tampering; they are stackable and crush proof. Our core product, BungoBoxes have custom fitted dollies that allow for easy movement and alleviates most of the lifting typically involved with moving. We deliver the rented moving equipment to our customers prior to their move and pick them up at the new location once the move is complete. We accomplish all of this at a price point that is up to 50% less than purchasing the traditional cardboard box. BungoBox serves markets in the U.S., including Atlanta, Charlotte, Denver, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tallahassee, Phoenix, South Florida and Tampa. In Canada, BungoBox serves Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Edmonton, Alberta. For more information about BungoBox, visit www.bungobox.com. The problem with being an entrepreneur is, when you spot a good idea, you just can’t turn it down, no matter how much you’ve already got on your plate. Such is the case for Bob Cannon (@Bob_Cannon), co-founder and president of BungoBox. As soon as he heard about his cousin Tom Cannon’s (@Tommy_Cannon) earth-friendly idea to rent plastic, recyclable moving boxes, he was on board. “I was blown away by the concept,” says Bob. “The simplicity, and the fact that it would help keep waste out of our landfills, even better.” Plus, Bob was moving at the time, and Tom prompted him to test out the boxes himself. “I fell in love with the concept even more after that,” says Bob. “They are kind of like life- size legos, stackable and efficient. I thought, wow, a cardboard-free move, that could really change the landscape of the entire moving process.” And there you have it. BungoBox was launched in May 2009 and continues to rapidly expand. Part of Tom and Bob’s success might be the fact that they come from a long line of entrepreneurs. Tom’s dad has owns a large commercial heating & air conditioning for the last 30 years, and Bob’s dad has been a real estate investor for 35 years. The other factor playing a part, surely, is the cost. It’s actually cheaper to rent BungoBoxes than to buy cardboard boxes and all the supplies that come with that (packing tape, styrofoam, etc.) “It’s a no- brainer for consumers because they are saving money and at the same time being earth conscious,” says Tom. Surprisingly, until now, there really hasn’t been a good alternative to using cardboard. “We’ve been using the same environmentally unfriendly materials for the past several hundred years,” says Tom. “And, unfortunately only half of the cardboard Americans use actually gets recycled. The rest gets tossed into the garbage.” If it’s up to Tom and Bob, though, that will all change. “Who knows,” says Bob, “Maybe 20 years from now cardboard will be a thing of the past.”

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