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  • Pivot Pledge Wearing Thin on Hagel Trip as China Sway Rises

    President Barack Obama’s emphasis this week on restricting the use of the military abroad risks an unintended consequence: deepening concern about fading U.S. engagement among Asian nations locked in disputes with China.

  • China-U.S. Defense Hotline Shows Gulf Between Nations

    A U.S.-China defense hotline set up three years ago may illustrate the hurdles to improving military relations between the two global powers. It’s been used only four times.

  • Taiwan President Ma Seeks F-16 Jets, Submarines From U.S. as ‘Leverage’

    President Ma Ying-Jeou of Taiwan called for the U.S. to end years of stalling and provide submarines and F-16 fighter jets to maintain “leverage” over China as the two civil war foes negotiate closer ties.

  • Taiwan Weighed for U.S. Jet Sale at Risk of Riling China

    The Obama administration will give “serious consideration” to selling Taiwan new Lockheed Martin Corp. F-16 fighter jets, a White House official said, creating a potential new flashpoint with China ahead of next week’s high- level meetings between U.S. and Chinese officials.

  • Obama Empowered by U.S. Rebound as Xi Absorbed at Home

    When President Barack Obama made his first trip to China in November 2009, he was burdened by the highest U.S. jobless rate in 26 years, a shrinking economy and the biggest federal budget deficit in U.S. history.

  • Chen’s Arrival in Manhattan Ends Strain in U.S.-China Ties

    Blind Chinese legal activist Chen Guangcheng’s arrival in New York over the weekend ended a standoff between the U.S. and China that strained ties for the world’s two biggest economies.

  • China Workers Abroad Becoming Easy Prey

    The capture of 54 Chinese citizens in Egypt and Sudan signals growing concern for China as its economic power expands abroad and it sends more people to work on infrastructure projects in dangerous places overseas.

  • U.S. Navy’s Pacific Presence to Expand, Panetta Says

    U.S. naval power in the Pacific will increase as the Pentagon rebalances American forces toward the Asia-Pacific region, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said in Singapore while calling on countries to beef up their capacity.

  • China Spurns Arbitration as U.S. Joins Japan on Sea Stance

    China dismissed calls for arbitration to resolve disputes in Asian waters vital to world trade after the U.S. and Japan vowed to resist attempts to seize contested territory by force.

  • How to Defuse the North Korean Threat

    With his bombastic threat of “high- profile” retaliation against the U.S. (translation: more tests of nuclear bombs and missiles), North Korean leader Kim Jong Un seems determined to tantrum his way to the top of President Barack Obama’s second-term foreign-policy agenda.

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