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  • Ben Bradlee, Washington Post Editor During Watergate, Dies at 93

  • Woodward Book Shows Obama Sought an Afghanistan Exit, Washington Post Says

    Bob Woodward Book Details Obama Battles With Advisers Over Exit Plan for Afghan War By Steve Luxenberg Sept. 22 (Washington Post) -- President Obama urgently looked for a way out of the war in Afghanistan last year, repeatedly pressing his top military advisers for an exit plan that they never gave him, according to secret meeting notes and documents cited in a new book by journalist Bob Woodward. Frustrated with his military commanders for consistently offering only options that required significantly more troops, Obama finally crafted his own strategy, dictating a classified six-page "terms sheet" that sought to limit U.S. involvement, Woodward reports in "Obama's Wars," to be released on Monday. According to Woodward's meeting-by-meeting, memo-by-memo account of the 2009 Afghan strategy review, the president avoided talk of victory as he described his objectives. "This needs to be a plan about how we're going to hand it

  • Woodward Says Obama, Boehner Didn’t Understand Budget Debate

    Almost every bookshelf in the U.S. capital holds a thin volume called “13 Days,” Robert F. Kennedy’s account of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

  • Nixon Fixation Pushes Professor to Listen to All Tapes

  • Obama’s Not Nixon, He’s Harding

    During President Barack Obama’s May 16 news conference, reporter Jeff Mason asked as part of his question: “And, more broadly, how do you feel about comparisons by some of your critics of this week’s scandals to those that happened under the Nixon administration?” The president responded, “I’ll let you guys engage in those comparisons, and you can go ahead and read the history, I think, and draw your own conclusions.”

  • Journalist Bob Woodward on U.S. Federal Debt

    Charlie Rose, Sept. 12: Journalist Bob Woodward on his latest book, "The Price of Politics," about the federal debt ceiling crisis debate between the White House and Republican congressional leaders.

  • Camp Reassessing Top 25% Income Tax-Rate Plan (Transcript)

    House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp said in an interview on Bloomberg Television’s “Political Capital With Al Hunt,” airing this weekend, that he is reassessing a top 25 percent rate he has proposed as part of a plan to revamp the U.S. income-tax code even as he says he’s “absolute” in opposing any further tax increases.

  • Reed Says Jones Exit Won't Harm NSC-Pentagon Ties (Transcript)

    Senator Jack Reed said that the selection of Tom Donilon, who lacks military experience, as U.S. national security adviser won’t harm ties with the Pentagon. Reed, a Rhode Island Democrat, spoke in an interview on Bloomberg Television’s “Political Capital with Al Hunt ,” airing this weekend,

  • Afghanistan War Debate Goes AWOL in U.S. Elections: Albert Hunt

    It’s a useful exercise to juxtapose Bob Woodward ’s new book on the war in Afghanistan, “Obama’s Wars,” with the agenda discussed in elections across the country.

  • Obama Advisers Ignored Afghan Corruption Before Surge: Review

    Late last year President Barack Obama announced his plan to send an additional 30,000 American troops to fight in Afghanistan. In “ Obama’s Wars ” (I don’t know why the second word is plural), Bob Woodward shows how he and his advisers arrived at that decision.

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