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  • China Crackdown on Google Reflects Tiananmen Anniversary

    As China approaches the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square crackdown, the Communist Party is taking no chances with dissent, online or off.

  • LinkedIn Cites Blocking of Website in China as New Risk in IPO Prospectus

    LinkedIn Corp., the largest professional-networking portal, said the possibility that China may bar access to its website poses a new risk to investors in its initial public offering.

  • China Communists Vow to Strengthen Management of Internet

    China’s ruling Communist Party said it will strengthen management of online social media sites that have increasingly questioned government actions and exposed official graft.

  • Chinese Political Activist Says Tencent WeChat Account Shut Down

    A Chinese online activist said Tencent Holdings Ltd. shut down his WeChat instant messaging account after he set up a chat group called “Shorting China” to share information on protecting human rights in the country.

  • Blame Supercommittee’s Failure on the Income Gap: Peter Orszag

    The supercommittee’s failure to reach a substantial agreement this week is disappointing but unsurprising. The old model of politics, in which bipartisan agreement was the key to success, simply doesn’t work anymore. In the new model, there is almost no overlap in views across party lines, and government function requires either domination by one party (as was the case for much of President Barack Obama’s first two years in office) or more automatic decision-making (as I have suggested elsewhere).

  • Top Stories: Business and Finance

    The following are the day's top business stories:

  • The Real U.S. Map, a Country of Regions (Part 1): Colin Woodard

    In 2008, with the U.S. divided between red states and blue states, then-candidate Barack Obama called for unity over division, a common shout-out among politicians and others determined to preserve America’s under- siege, allegedly shared values. Yet such calls ignore the fact that there are no shared “American values.” We’ve always been divided. And not truly along state lines.

  • Why Voter Suppression Is Mostly a Republican Tactic

    The Washington Post’s David Beard is maintaining a “roundup of vote irregularities." If you had no other information about U.S. politics but Beard’s list, you would know quite a lot about the state of the nation’s two major political parties in 2012.

  • Beijing Will Make Microblog Users Reveal Their Identities

    Beijing will force microblog users to verify their identities, tightening control of the world’s largest Internet market as a siege at a village in southern China underscores the threat of social unrest.

  • Sina Shuts Down Users’ Microblogs as China Fights Online Rumors

    Sina Corp., operator of the Twitter-like Weibo service in China, shut four user accounts for spreading rumors as authorities tighten control of information spread through microblog services.

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