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  • Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg Meets With Chinese Internet Regulator

    Facebook Inc.’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg met with the government agency that oversees controls on the Internet in China, where access to the company’s social networking website is blocked.

  • Naspers Scours Emerging Markets to Replicate Success of Tencent Investment

    Naspers Ltd. , whose $32 million bet on Tencent Holdings Ltd. has swelled in value to more than $14 billion, aims to replicate that success by scouring emerging markets where the two companies are jointly the biggest Internet investors.

  • China Communists Vow to Strengthen Management of Internet

    China’s ruling Communist Party said it will strengthen management of online social media sites that have increasingly questioned government actions and exposed official graft.

  • LinkedIn Cites Blocking of Website in China as New Risk in IPO Prospectus

    LinkedIn Corp., the largest professional-networking portal, said the possibility that China may bar access to its website poses a new risk to investors in its initial public offering.

  • Bo Rumor Free-for-All Shows China’s Internet Struggle

    Bo Xilai’s downfall shows the Internet as both a menace and a prop for the ruling Communist Party, which has swung between closing down sites and letting rumors go unchecked.

  • Race to Be China's Facebook Pits Renren Against Tencent, Baidu

    The top social-networking service in the world’s biggest Internet market was created by graduates of a prestigious university to help students communicate with each other. And it’s not Facebook Inc.

  • Why Voter Suppression Is Mostly a Republican Tactic

    The Washington Post’s David Beard is maintaining a “roundup of vote irregularities." If you had no other information about U.S. politics but Beard’s list, you would know quite a lot about the state of the nation’s two major political parties in 2012.

  • Blame Supercommittee’s Failure on the Income Gap: Peter Orszag

    The supercommittee’s failure to reach a substantial agreement this week is disappointing but unsurprising. The old model of politics, in which bipartisan agreement was the key to success, simply doesn’t work anymore. In the new model, there is almost no overlap in views across party lines, and government function requires either domination by one party (as was the case for much of President Barack Obama’s first two years in office) or more automatic decision-making (as I have suggested elsewhere).

  • Ex-Google China Head With 30 Million Followers Barred From Weibo

    Lee Kai-fu, the former head of Google Inc.’s China division, said he was banned for three days from posting on local micro-blogging sites, where he has more than 30 million followers.

  • Won’t You Be My (Hyper-Partisan) Neighbor?: Peter Orszag

    Our political system is so plagued by polarization, it’s difficult to move any legislation forward. In the late 1960s, significant overlap existed in votes cast by the most conservative Democrats in Congress and those cast by the most liberal Republicans. (See accompanying chart: Polarization in Congress.) By the late 1980s, the common ground had diminished. Today, it has virtually disappeared.

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