Big Bear Choppers

Company Profile

Born in a small town outside of Melbourne, Australia, Kevin Alsop turned the wrench on his first Harley when he was 15 years old. He grew up racing and abusing anything from go-carts to dirt bikes, all under the supervision of a professional racer - his dad. Today, after decades of experience with engines and mechanics, Kevin’s earned a deep understanding of the motorcycle drivetrain, as well as motorcycle design. After moving to the States, he started building custom bikes in 1994 at a small chopper shop in Pomona, CA. After meeting and Marrying Mona, they took residence in Big Bear Lake, CA in 1997 to raise their family. Kevin started a repair shop fixing anything from jet skis to Harleys out of a small shed while Mona, a Certified Veterinarian Technician, worked at the local veterinarian hospital. Driven by a shared passion for motorcycles, the couple decided to strike out on their own and started selling custom-built motorcycle kits out of a 500 square foot shop. What began as a small idea to build cool bikes for their friends at a cheap price turned into a sustainable, growing business. A few years later, Big Bear Choppers expanded into an 18,000 square foot warehouse where they designed, fabricated parts for and built custom-made v-twin choppers on site. They churned out beautiful motorcycles, the bikes were a huge hit and business was booming. Sales went through the roof and Big Bear Choppers was on course to compete with big manufacturers, like Harley Davidson. Then, the economy tanked. Since 2008, Big Bear Choppers has steadily downsized. Employees were let go and orders slowed. However, as other shops closed their doors, Kevin and Mona carried on. They’ve kept their heads above water and vowed never to give up on their dream of being the biggest and best custom-made motorcycle shop in the world.

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