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  • White House Aide Calls for Stricter Broker Rules on 401(k)s

  • Overtime Pay Would Reach More Workers Under Obama Order

    Some U.S. workers who don’t get overtime compensation under what’s known as the “white-collar exemption” would be able to collect extra pay under revised regulations President Barack Obama plans to order tomorrow, according to a White House economist.

  • Americans Cling to Jobs as U.S. Workforce Dynamism Fades

    After 4 1/2 months of meetings, interviews and hand-holding, personnel recruiter William Rowe thought he had sealed the deal.

  • Refereeing Reinhart-Rogoff Debate

    The discovery of an error in an influential research paper by Harvard University economists Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff has sparked an academic firestorm. It’s time to sort through the wreckage.

  • Debt-Ceiling Deja Vu Could Sink Economy

    Europe is crumbling. China is slowing. The Federal Reserve is dithering. Yet the biggest threat to the emerging U.S. economic recovery may be Congress.

  • Business Is Booming in Empirical Economics

    Many had pronounced the field of economics discredited after the global financial crisis. Instead, it’s in the midst of a revolution.

  • Forget the Cliff, Fix the U.S. Tax System

    Spoiler alert: The “fiscal cliff” will be resolved. At the 11th hour, saner heads will prevail, a deal will be struck, and the U.S. Congress will steer the economy away from its date with destruction. Congressional compromise will ensure that the scheduled tax increases and spending cuts are pared back and phased in only gradually.

  • Six Ways to Separate Lies From Statistics

    The discovery of a spreadsheet error in an influential study by Harvard University economists Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff inevitably raises a troubling question: To what extent can we trust what any researcher claims to be true?

  • Romney’s Party Isn’t Fiscally Responsible

    Presidential candidate Mitt Romney says he will get the U.S. government’s finances in order and make life better for business. It’s a classic Republican pitch, but to what extent does it correspond to what he might really do as president?

  • Why Voters Should Fear Romney’s Tax Plan

    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been strategically slippery about his tax plan, largely refusing to explain how he would pay for the sweeping tax cuts that represent his primary promise to voters.

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