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  • Madoff Programmers Labeled Dupes of ‘Con Man’s Con Man’

    Bernard Madoff’s computer programmers were tricked into aiding his $17.5 billion Ponzi scheme and prosecutors failed to prove otherwise during a five- month trial, a defense lawyer said in closing arguments.

  • Madoff Ex-Aide Knew of Scheme to Pay His Son, Jury Told

    Bernard Madoff added the son of a “key” executive to his payroll even though he didn’t work there, a jury was told in the trial of five ex-employees accused of aiding the con man’s $17 billion Ponzi scheme.

  • Bernie Madoff Would’ve Made a Dandy NFL Owner: Scott Soshnick

    Fred Wilpon once offered his pal, Bernie Madoff, an ownership stake in baseball’s New York Mets. The response was no.

  • Madoff IT Guys Wrote Code to Trick Auditors, Jury Told

    Bernard Madoff’s former computer programmers created a web of simple equations to make thousands of fake transaction numbers, dates and time stamps appear realistic on documents used to trick auditors, a jury was told in the trial of five of the con man’s former top aides.

  • Armstrong Becomes ‘Madoff on a Bike’ as Cheating Shatters Lives

    The fall of Lance Armstrong was as steep as the mountains he climbed en route to the Champs-Elysees and life as a global icon. He left a trail of destruction on the way up and on the way down.

  • Solid Financial Advice. From Bernie Madoff.

    Bernie Madoff is warning regular investors not to let Wall Street scam them like he did. His advice: Use index funds. In a recent interview with MarketWatch, Madoff was asked where the safest place is to invest money with the least amount of risk for fraud. His answer:

  • What Will Be the Best Asset Class in 2014?: Ritholtz Chart

    No one seems to be able to consistently identify what the best asset class will be for the coming year.

  • Scene Last Night: Stock Pickers Ready for Charity Contest

    Getting people to pretend to earn money sounds like a job for Bernie Madoff. Stacey Asher sees it differently. She gets people to fake-earn (or fake-lose) money, and pay for the privilege, in a fantasy stock-picking league that benefits charities selected by the players.

  • Madoff Evoked in New Zealand With $317 Million Ponzi Loss

    New Zealand charged a 63-year-old financial adviser with running the biggest Ponzi scheme ever alleged in the South Pacific nation.

  • Rajaratnam Case Shows Outmanned, Outgunned SEC on a Roll

    One late afternoon in March 2007, Sanjay Wadhwa sat at his desk transfixed by the data on his computer screen. Wadhwa was then a low-level supervisor in the Wall Street office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission investigating a supposedly routine case of “cherry- picking.” The SEC had gotten a complaint that Rengan Rajaratnam, the founder of Sedna Capital Management LLC, a small hedge fund, was doling out a disproportionate share of his best trades to the beneficiaries of a “friends and family” account. It was Wadhwa’s job to figure out what was going on, Bloomberg Businessweek reports in its April 23 issue.

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