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  • Emerging Markets’ Victimhood Narrative

    From Istanbul to Brasilia to Mumbai comes a crescendo of complaints about dollar imperialism. Heads of state and central bank governors allege that the policies of central banks in industrial countries, especially the U.S. Federal Reserve, pursued in self-interest, are wreaking havoc in emerging-market economies. This allegation is mostly unfair. Emerging markets aren’t hapless and undeserved victims; for the most part they are simply reaping what they sowed.

  • Cheapskate China Wins No Friends in Philippines

    As hundreds of thousands of Filipinos struggled to find food, water, shelter and the bodies of loved ones in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, China quickly dipped into its world-leading $3.7 trillion of currency reserves and came up with … all of $100,000.

  • IMF Said Ready to Cut China Current-Account Surplus Forecast

    The International Monetary Fund is set to lower its forecasts for China’s medium-term current- account surplus, according to two officials who have seen the draft report.

  • Renminbi May Supplant Dollar as Reserve Currency, Subramanian Writes in FT

    China’s renminbi may displace the dollar as the world’s main reserve currency within a decade, according to Arvind Subramanian, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, based in Washington D.C.

  • Egypt ETF Gains in Post-Mubarak Era Hobbled Without Free Market

    Cairo’s six-story Arcadia Mall, a symbol of modern commerce on the Nile River, is a charred ruin. Military officers now rule in place of Western-educated businessmen. Spending by a government that is already in debt is heading up, not down.

  • John Lennon Dream Re-Imagined as Migrant Boom: Cutting Research

    A shift in the way the world treats immigration could give a boost to global growth, according to a World Bank report.

  • Obama Goes East Saying U.S. Unbowed With Intel’s 67% Asian Sales

    President Barack Obama will be working to counter a global perception that a rising China is eclipsing a declining U.S. on a nine-day trek of trans-Pacific summitry that begins tomorrow.

  • How to Slow Down Hot Money

    Until recently, respectable opinion frowned on all barriers to money flowing across borders. Today, the old thinking has been overturned. Sometimes, it’s agreed, capital controls are necessary.

  • Kim Lobbies for World Bank Job as Nigerian Mounts Challenge

    Jim Yong Kim, the U.S. candidate to head the World Bank, started a global tour to garner support among developing nations as Nigeria’s finance minister mounted a challenge for the leadership of the poverty-fighting lender.

  • India’s Consumer Spending Set to Soar to $3.6 Trillion, BCG Says

    India’s consumer spending is likely to almost quadruple by 2020 to $3.6 trillion spurred by economic growth and rising incomes, the Boston Consulting Group said.

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