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  • Rousseff Said to Spare Finance Chief Mantega From Brazil Cabinet Shuffle

    Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff plans to keep Finance Minister Guido Mantega in his post when she shuffles her Cabinet early next year, a government official said.

  • Pimco Lets Palocci Make Rousseff Market Favorite to Succeed Lula in Brazil

    Antonio Palocci , who four years ago resigned as Brazil’s finance minister before the Supreme Court belatedly exonerated him of violating bank secrecy laws, can thank Pacific Investment Management Co. for helping him pave the way for Dilma Rousseff ’s election as President in October.

  • Brazil’s Rousseff Said to Be Considering Belchior as Palocci Replacement

    Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff may tap Planning Minister Miriam Belchior to replace Cabinet Chief Antonio Palocci , who is under scrutiny for a surge in his personal wealth while managing Rousseff’s election campaign last year, a government official said.

  • In Brazil, Ministers Fall and the Press Smells Blood: Dom Phillips

    A reshuffled Cabinet in the first few months of a new administration isn't usually cause for alarm. But President Dilma Rousseff has lost her chief of staff, four other Cabinet ministers, and dozens of government staffers since taking office in January -- and the press is smelling blood.

  • Brazil Probe of Rousseff Official Shelved on Lack of Evidence

    A probe into $12 million earned last year by Brazilian Cabinet Chief Antonio Palocci for consulting work while he managed President Dilma Roussef ’s election campaign was shelved on lack of evidence, the nation’s chief prosecutor said.

  • Rousseff Crisis Spurred by Lula Debts as Brazil Boom Diminishes

    On a cool July evening, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff hosts a cocktail party for 50 leaders of her governing coalition, Bloomberg Markets magazine reports in its November issue. Speaking from the foot of a red-carpeted staircase in the living room of Alvorada Palace, where she lives with her mother and aunt, Rousseff tells the gathered politicians that these are the best times for Brazil, according to four people who attended.

  • Rousseff Loses ‘Point Man’ For Brazil Investors as Scandal Claims Top Aide

    Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff suffered the loss of one of her closest advisers when Cabinet chief Antonio Palocci resigned after battling the opposition for weeks against corruption charges that weakened the five-month- old government.

  • Palocci Didn’t Disclose Client Names to Rousseff, Folha Says

    Brazilian Cabinet Chief Antonio Palocci said he never disclosed the name of his consulting firm’s former clients to President Dilma Rousseff , Folha de S.Paulo reported, citing an interview.

  • How Brazil’s Rousseff Can Keep Markets Sane: Alexandre Marinis

    If Brazil’s President-elect Dilma Rousseff wants to foster investment to sustain economic growth and accelerate the convergence between domestic and international interest rates without stoking inflation, she needs to keep former Finance Minister Antonio Palocci in the government’s decision-making nucleus. Anything else would be an unparalleled waste and an irreparable mistake.

  • Brazil’s Palocci Said to Give Interviews Over Income Surge

    Brazil’s Cabinet Chief Antonio Palocci will give a television interview today, his first since it was reported his income surged while he managed President Dilma Rousseff ’s campaign last year, a government official said.

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