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  • ABC’s Kimmel Elbows Into Late-Night Slot Against Leno

    ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel, the only late- night host on broadcast TV to increase his audience this season, goes head to head for the first time tonight with NBC’s Jay Leno and CBS’s David Letterman.

  • Living Provincially: Bloomberg Businessweek Opening Remarks

    The U.S. is a country that likes to be taken seriously. It’s also a country that just spent upwards of a year and $5 billion on elections that achieved almost nothing. While the politics industry was consumed by urgent, domestic concerns -- can you believe that Mitt Romney wants an elevator for his cars? -- a few things were happening overseas. Meltdown in Europe. Political collapse in Japan. Civil war in Syria. Scandals, slowdown and a leadership change in China.

  • Romney on Offense, Says Obama Can’t Help Middle Class

    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney went on the offense today over secretly videotaped remarks he made earlier this year, continuing an effort to transform the campaign distraction into a broader debate about the role of government.

  • Romney Sidesteps Details of Tax Plan for Top Earners

    Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said he’ll reduce the number of deductions and exemptions for high-income taxpayers, while declining to say which ones he would get rid of as part of his plan.

  • Ann Romney Takes Biggest Stage Yet to Humanize Husband

    When she speaks with someone, Ann Romney focuses on her subject with the intensity of a mother skilled in keeping a child’s attention.

  • Romney’s Campaign Seeks to Keep his Vice Presidential Buzz Alive

    The vice presidential choices of Barack Obama and John McCain were revealed on Fridays. The news of running mates for Al Gore and George W. Bush leaked out on Mondays. And John Kerry announced John Edwards on a Tuesday.

  • Romney Speaks of Mormon Faith to Try to Dispel Prejudice

    In the closing stretch of a campaign in which he has seldom uttered the word “Mormon,” Mitt Romney is opening up about his faith as he strives to present a more textured self-portrait to undecided voters.

  • Romney Talks Tax Law Change, Begins Running Mate Search

    Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said he isn’t too rich to relate to average Americans and President Barack Obama should “start packing” for a White House departure in 2013.

  • Romney Camp Woos Women While Stumbling on Equal Pay

    Mitt Romney spent his first full day as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee making a direct appeal to women, part of an effort to repair the political damage caused by a combative primary contest.

  • Romney Readies Speech That Will Provide Personal Look

    After spending years chasing the Republican presidential nomination, Mitt Romney is preparing for the biggest speech of his political career, an address that aims to give voters a more personal look at him.

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