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  • Leonard Cohen Growls, Ascot, Royal Carpet: London Weekend

    Leonard Cohen, the menu at Royal Ascot, and a carpet designed by the Queen’s nephew are our choices for London this weekend.

  • Anita Hill, 20 Years On, Seeks Equality: Susan Antilla

    Anita Hill sits at a tiny conference table in her office at Brandeis University, just outside Boston, as I quiz her on the obvious themes. Her testimony during hearings to confirm Clarence Thomas to the U.S. Supreme Court? Admittedly a “terrible” experience, “but I want people to understand that I survived it.” Attacks on her character? A good thing for women in the workplace because now “they know what to expect” should they ever go public about harassment.

  • Clarence Thomas’s Wife Dialed the Wrong Number: Ann Woolner

    Virginia Thomas ’s mistake wasn’t so much that she looked up someone from her husband’s past to heal lingering pain.

  • Justice Thomas Girlfriend McEwen Breaks 19-Year Silence in Washington Post

    Lillian McEwen Breaks Her 19-year Silence About Justice Clarence Thomas By Michael A. Fletcher Oct. 22 (Washington Post) -- For nearly two decades, Lillian McEwen has been silent -- a part of history, yet absent from it. When Anita Hill accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment during his explosive 1991 Supreme Court confirmation hearing, Thomas vehemently denied the allegations and his handlers cited his steady relationship with another woman in an effort to deflect Hill's allegations. Lillian McEwen was that woman. At the time, she was on good terms with Thomas. The former assistant U.S. attorney and Senate Judiciary Committee counsel had dated him for years, even attending a March 1985 White House state dinner as his guest. She had worked on the Hill and was wary of entering the political cauldron of the hearings. She was never asked to testify, as then-Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.), who headed the committee, limited witnesses to women who had a

  • Arlen Specter, Anita Hill’s Dogged Senate Inquisitor, Dies at 82

    Arlen Specter, who brought a prosecutor’s focus on detail and disdain for deception to the job of U.S. senator, representing Pennsylvania as a Republican for 29 years and a Democrat for his unorthodox final year, has died. He was 82.

  • Justice Clarence Thomas's Wife Calls Anita Hill, Offers Her `Olive Branch'

    Virginia Thomas , the wife of Justice Clarence Thomas , said she recently called Anita Hill , whose sexual harassment allegations almost derailed his 1991 U.S. Supreme Court nomination.

  • Anita Hill Is Everywhere in Herman Cain Harassment Imbroglio: The Ticker

    She doesn’t want to be another Anita Hill. Can you blame her?

  • Women Kill the Buzz for Guys Who Hire, Fire Them

    We’ve seen this movie before and the ending still stinks.

  • Thomas's Wife Removes Name From Health-Care Memo

    Justice Clarence Thomas ’s wife asked to have her name removed from a memo that called President Barack Obama ’s health-care overhaul “unconstitutional,” as she distanced herself from an issue that may come before the U.S. Supreme Court .

  • Justice Thomas's Wife Steps Aside as Head of Activist Group

    U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas ’s wife, Virginia, is stepping down as the head of Liberty Central, the nonprofit group she founded to support the Tea Party movement.

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