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  • Bankers Blast Batali’s Attack; Others Say `Leave Mario Alone!'

    When Mario Batali, the New York- based restaurateur and celebrity chef, compared bankers to Hitler and Stalin on Tuesday, the response from patrons of Babbo and Del Posto in the financial industries was swift and furious.

  • Anita Hill Is Everywhere in Herman Cain Harassment Imbroglio: The Ticker

    She doesn’t want to be another Anita Hill. Can you blame her?

  • Anita Hill, 20 Years On, Seeks Equality: Susan Antilla

    Anita Hill sits at a tiny conference table in her office at Brandeis University, just outside Boston, as I quiz her on the obvious themes. Her testimony during hearings to confirm Clarence Thomas to the U.S. Supreme Court? Admittedly a “terrible” experience, “but I want people to understand that I survived it.” Attacks on her character? A good thing for women in the workplace because now “they know what to expect” should they ever go public about harassment.

  • Thomas's Wife Removes Name From Health-Care Memo

    Justice Clarence Thomas ’s wife asked to have her name removed from a memo that called President Barack Obama ’s health-care overhaul “unconstitutional,” as she distanced herself from an issue that may come before the U.S. Supreme Court .

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