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  • BNY Mellon to Move Headquarters to Brookfield Place

  • Europe Recalls Hamilton as Desperation Turns on the Debt

    As Europe struggles to contain its debt crisis, the name of an American dead for more than two centuries is being invoked by those who think euro area nations will have to trade some autonomy for fiscal stability.

  • Giant Alibaba Sale Grew Out of ’80s IPO Chaos and a Guy From Goldman

    In 1984, Eric Dobkin was working for Goldman Sachs Group Inc., selling large blocks of stocks to fund managers, when he was handed an assignment: The bank ranked ninth in equity underwriting. Fix it.

  • Sex, Insider Trading and the First U.S. Financial Panic: Echoes

    One of the strangest pamphlets ever authored by an American public official appeared in 1797. Written by Alexander Hamilton -- a founding father and the first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury -- its title constituted a mini-essay in its own right.

  • BNY Mellon Said to Zero in on Two Sites in Planned Move

    Bank of New York Mellon Corp. is poised to choose between a lower Manhattan skyscraper and a smaller office building in New Jersey for at least 850 employees who would relocate with a sale of the company’s Wall Street headquarters, a person with knowledge of the discussions said.

  • Johnny Cleveland Overtakes Swaps on NFL Draft Day: Opening Line

    At one point in last night’s NFL draft, probably sometime after Central Florida quarterback Blake Bortles was taken with the third pick and before Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel was selected 22nd by Cleveland in a stirring turn of draft day deal-making -- maybe it was right around the time two of Manziel’s teammates were drafted ahead of him (back to back, with the sixth and seventh picks) -- the camera flashed to Manziel with his head in his hands, and one of the announcers on the broadcast said, “This is shoulder-chip building time,” or words to that effect.

  • Robin Hood Scene: Tepper, Och, Cohen, Blankfein, Kravis

    The Robin Hood Foundation could sell its donors a bridge.

  • Will Crisis-Ridden Europe Find Its Own Alexander Hamilton?: View

    What will it take to fix a European Union troubled by heavy debts and internal friction? The story of the U.S., which celebrates its 235th year of independence on July 4, offers a parable that Europe’s leaders might find instructive.

  • Alexander Hamilton Turns Into Unlikely Sex-Symbol

    Bloomberg's Sara Eisen reports on a story in the latest issue of Bloomberg Businessweek on the enduring appeal of Alexander Hamilton. 208 years after his death, Hamilton has a diverse modern-day fan club from the Tea Party faithful to Paul Volcker and multiple Facebook pages dedicated to "The Foxiest Federalist." She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Inside Track." (Source: Bloomberg)

  • Hip-Hop Hero Alexander Hamilton, Supertutors Eye Broadway

    Lin-Manuel Miranda, whose funny, hypnotic rhyming has taken him from “In the Heights” to the cusp of mainstream stardom, has set his sights on the first U.S. Treasury Secretary, Alexander Hamilton.

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