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  • What Women Really Want (and How We Can Get It)

    This election is making me feel oh so special. One party is gallantly protecting me from the other party’s “war on women.” The president wants my vote so badly that he’s trying to scare me with his opponent’s plan to return to “the social policy of the 1950s,” which I assume means back-alley abortions. Both parties are aggressively courting me in their quest for the women’s vote.

  • A Harvard Man’s Critique of Affirmative Action

    Stuart Taylor Jr. was in my law school class. Or, more accurately, I was in his law school class, since he graduated at the top of the class and I graduated.

  • Capitalism and Government Are Friends After All

    Americans will be getting an earful about the perils or virtues of government until they vote on Nov. 6. But they won’t hear anything about what it is exactly.

  • China’s Amazing Disappearing Vice President

    What if Mitt Romney disappeared?

  • Citigroup Puts the Fun Back in Taking Huge Losses

    A few months ago, the Bank for International Settlements, which acts as a bank for the world’s central banks, warned in its annual report that “the financial sector needs to recognize losses” and “adjust balance sheets to accurately reflect the value of assets.” We are starting to get a taste of what that means, and it’s not all bad.

  • Another Day, Another Dollar, Another Lobbying Campaign

    The busiest subway stop in downtown Washington was until recently festooned with green banners and billboards warning of a terrible danger. One of America’s great national symbols is under attack: the dollar bill.

  • Living Cells Show How to Fix the Financial System

    Over the past three decades, the global financial system has become more dynamic and interconnected, more concentrated and complicated than ever before. Financial engineering seems to know no limits to creating new instruments that link institutions in new ways.

  • American Taxpayers Give Tribute in Their Own Hunger Games

    Sometimes tax seasons find their own movie. The movie for tax season 2012 is “The Hunger Games,” which came about just about the time most of us were opening the tax preparers’ kit.

  • Jobs Growth Is No Excuse to Kill the Recovery

    Today’s disappointing jobs report highlights an important point about the state of the U.S. recovery: It’s not so strong that the country’s politicians couldn’t kill it off.

  • Romney’s Gaffes Won’t Cost Him As Many Votes As His Views

    If Barack Obama prevails this November, it will be in large part because of what has come out of Mitt Romney’s mouth in the last year.


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