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  • Obama’s Tax-Credit Boost Plan Refocuses Poverty Debate: Economy

    Policy makers on both sides of the partisan divide, from Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew to Mitt Romney’s economic adviser Glenn Hubbard, favor expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit. This rare harmony holds the potential to reshape the debate on bridging the growing opportunity gap.

  • The Final Word on Mitt Romney’s Tax Plan

    Mitt Romney's campaign says I'm full of it. I said Romney's tax plan is mathematically impossible: he can't simultaneously keep his pledges to cut tax rates 20 percent and repeal the estate tax and alternative minimum tax; broaden the tax base enough to avoid growing the deficit; and not raise taxes on the middle class. They say they have six independent studies -- six! -- that "have confirmed the soundness of the Governor’s tax plan," and so I should stop whining.  Let's take a tour of those studies and see how they measure up.

  • Republicans Signal Openness to Deficit Deal Negotiations

    Congressional Republicans are offering a deficit-reduction solution to newly re-elected President Barack Obama: Let’s negotiate in good faith and all agree on our pre-election proposal.

  • Buying Brand-Name Drugs Over Generics Raises Medicaid Costs

    Medicaid, the joint U.S.-state health program for the poor, spent $329 million extra in 2009 purchasing 20 brand-name drugs instead of available generic copies, according to an American Enterprise Institute report.

  • IRS Code Revision Seen Undermined as U.S. Revenues Rise

    Tax reform could breathe life into the economy -- if the recovery doesn’t kill tax reform first.

  • FCIC Member Sought to Aid Dodd-Frank Repeal, E-Mails Show

    A Republican commissioner on the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission urged his colleagues to make sure the panel’s conclusions would “not undermine” his party’s efforts in the U.S. House to change or repeal the Dodd-Frank Act, according to e-mails cited by congressional investigators.

  • Tax Reform Won’t Save the World

    Washington loves its panaceas. A few years ago, it was Army General David Petraeus who could fix any problem -- up to and perhaps including the presidency. Then it was the Simpson-Bowles commission, or maybe the congressional supercommittee on deficit reduction. Today’s cure-all? Tax reform.

  • Boehner Signals Clash With White House on U.S. Debt Limit

    House Speaker John Boehner signaled a clash with the White House and the Democratic-led Senate over raising the U.S. borrowing authority later this year.

  • Capital Gains Tax Break Threatened by Bipartisan Senate Plan

    The bipartisan deficit-reduction plan gaining momentum in the U.S. Senate would likely require lawmakers to curtail or end the preferential tax treatment of capital gains and dividends.

  • Mitt Romney Won’t Lower Americans’ Taxes

    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has one potential response to working Americans angered by the 14.1 percent federal income tax rate he paid in 2011: If elected, he would lower taxes for everybody.


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