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  • Utah Gay-Marriage Appeal Seen as Supreme Court Rehearsal

    Gay-marriage bans struck down in Utah and Oklahoma are the first to come before a federal appeals panel since a June U.S. Supreme Court ruling set off a string of challenges to limits on same-sex marriage.

  • Wyoming Couples Sue to Overturn Ban on Same-Sex Marriage

    Four Wyoming couples sued to overturn the state’s prohibition on same-sex marriage a day after former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson and other Republican leaders asked a federal appeals court to throw out bans in Utah and Oklahoma.

  • Republican Group Urges Court to Back Gay Marriage in Utah

    Former Republican senators Alan Simpson and Nancy Kassebaum joined a group supporting civil marriage rights for same-sex couples in a filing with the federal appeals court reviewing gay-marriage bans in Utah and Oklahoma.

  • Banks Should Rethink Tax Plan Objection, Brady Says (Transcript)

    Representative Kevin Brady of Texas, chairman of the Joint Economic Committee, said in an interview on Bloomberg Television’s “Political Capital with Al Hunt,” airing this weekend, that a Republican plan to revise the U.S. tax code will benefit large banks by helping them stanch job losses within the industry.

  • Simpson Says ‘Terrified’ Obama Walked Away From Deficit Issue

    President Barack Obama “walked away” from his bipartisan U.S. deficit-cutting commission’s plan “because he knew he’d be torn to bits,” said former Republican Senator Alan Simpson, who was co-chairman of the panel.

  • Simpson Says Medicare to Squeeze Out Government Spending

    Former U.S. Senator Alan Simpson, co-chairman of President Barack Obama’s fiscal commission, said escalating Medicare costs stand to squeeze out the rest of domestic government spending.

  • Simpson-Bowles Supporters Get Campaign Backing in Return

    Republican Representative Charlie Bass was among only 38 U.S. House members who voted in March for a deficit-cutting measure based on a proposal by the leaders of President Barack Obama’s Simpson-Bowles commission.

  • Debt Committee Urged to ‘Go Big’

    Business leaders and former government officials urged Congress’s deficit-reduction supercommittee to cut more than the $1.5 trillion in long-term savings it is assigned to find.

  • Debt Panel Co-Chairman Calls Obama Plan ‘Solid,’ Urges Action

    President Barack Obama offered “a solid, responsible plan” to rein in the U.S. budget deficit and lawmakers must act with urgency to produce a framework for legislation, said Erskine Bowles , co-chairman of Obama’s debt commission.

  • Simpson: Buy a President Day

    Co-chairs of President Obama's Deficit Commission, former Clinton White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles and former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson, discuss the plan to reduce the deficit and balance the federal budget, the leadership in Washington and the fiscal challenges facing the country. (Source: Bloomberg)

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