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  • Ducasse Likes London So Much, He Plans to Open More Restaurants

    Alain Ducasse loves London.

  • Ducasse Says Making Chocolate Is Like Cooking Carrots

    Making chocolate is not very different from preparing gourmet dishes, says Alain Ducasse, who has a new passion after opening more than 20 restaurants around the world.

  • Chef Ducasse Serves Camel, No Wine, in Qatar Islam Center

    You are one of the world’s leading chefs and you want to create that special dish using luxury ingredients for your new restaurant in the Middle East.

  • Chef Alain Ducasse on His Global Life

    Alain Ducasse could use a drink.

  • Ducasse Vaunts Sexy, Dynamic London Restaurant Scene: Interview

    Alain Ducasse smiles as he reflects on the difficulty of running a restaurant empire that stretches across eight countries and includes three-Michelin-star establishments in Monte Carlo, Paris and London. He queries this interpretation of his view.

  • Leading Chefs Say Latin Food Is Next Hot Culinary Trend

    Latin American cuisine is gaining international attention, with Peru leading the charge.

  • PKG Alain Ducasse Monaco

    PKG Alain Ducasse Monaco

  • Alain Ducasse, St. Regis Hotel Part Ways as Adour Closes

    Alain Ducasse, one of the world’s most Michelin-starred chefs, is closing his top outpost in New York. Again.

  • Alain Ducasse's Favorite Things

    <p>The celebrated chef travels 300 days a year, hunting for ideas to enliven his 24 restaurants in eight countries. Here are some of his favorites.</p><p><a href="" target="_blank">Hotel Unique</a> (Sao Paulo) With its striking and truly unique silhouette, the hotel takes on the form of a half disc or a boat. The interiors are relaxed and deliver an unexpected harmony and views of the city.</p><p><em><strong>Special Report:</strong> <a href="" target="_blank">Bloomberg Pursuits</a></em></p> Source: Courtesy Hotel Unique

  • Alain Ducasse's Idam in Doha

    <p>Alain Ducasse has opened his first restaurant in the Middle East: Idam, housed within the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar. The food mixes French and Arabic influences. The museum, designed by I.M. Pei, sits on an artificial island overlooking the water in Doha, the capital. Wine isn't served in the restaurant, where the signature dish is camel.</p> Source: Photograph by Richard Vines/Bloomberg

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